Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disney Gal's - Tips of the Month!

Disney Gals thought we would start a new feature - Tips of the Month!
We will all try to give you our favorite tips or things we do to make our
trips to Disney more fun, easy, cheaper, etc.

Disney Gal Judy:

My first tip to most people is to buy a Disney gift card, then set an amount and every time you get paid add that set amount to the gift card.  In our case, we have two going. One that we use to pay for the tips and drinks which are not covered by our meal plan and the other we use for spending money, to buy gifts, art work, collectibles, etc.  This way we are not using our credit or debit cards and putting ourselves more in debt for Disney.

Disney Gal Kelly:

We save money between each trip by using a coin jar. Every time we spend cash, grocery shopping, eating out, coffee runs... the change goes straight into the jar. It's surprising how fast it can add up. In under a year we managed to get almost $300! This is what we use for the all our trips to Goofy's Candy Company, Ghirardelli's or other non-essential stops (although, in my book they are "must-do"). The kids get involved by throwing the change they find, walking to school or running errands with me, right into the jar . Everyone feels like they made it possible to shop for goodies.

Disney Gal Heather:

We bring some old Disney souvenirs with us so we don't spend as much while at Disney!  My son has 5 Mickey Mouse's though they are so cute he surely doesn't need another.  We also shop at Target for cute Disney gear (sometimes we can get the kids shirts for $5!)  One last thing while on the Target topic...if you hold the credit card, you can buy Disney gift cards and get your normal 5% off!     

Disney Gal Lori:
I go to our local dollar store before we leave on a trip. I love to hand out treats to guests on the ME and when I see them waiting in the queue,  for their ADR or food to come. If we are at a park to celebrate a birthday, I even hand out treat bags! It is fun to be a fairy Godmother and getting things on sale or at a dollar store, saves me money.

Disney Gal Laura:

I know you want to see everything possible in your Disney trip. For a lot of people, these are one time trips. It is OK if you can't see everything. Don't try to cram everything into a 4-5 day vacation. Take time to relax at your resort and look around. It will be GREAT for your sanity. Even if you are a Worldphile, you know you aren't going to see everything. Those of us that have been many many times know when it's time to sit back and take a break. Don't make yourself crazy trying to get on every ride or trying to fit in every character meal. ENJOY your vacation!

Now that we have given you our tips, how about you giving us your tips, email us at: and we will do a day of Guest Tips!


  1. I love the gift card tip! We do that for our kids but my husband and I use our disney visa points for our extra special gifts to one another. We are all about the dollar tree trip before we leave. We all love wearing glow in the dark stuff so we have fun with that. When my kids were smaller we always put BIG MICKEY AND BIG PLUTO in the back window. That does cut down on more stuffed animals and lets everyone know your headed home to WDW !

    1. Great tips Tamela!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. LOVE the tips Gals! Sorry I missed this one but count me in on the next round of tips ;)