Thursday, January 31, 2013

When Everything Goes Wrong, Can Customer Service Make it Right?

I'm sure you have all heard the Disney Parks referred to as "The Happiest Place on Earth", but what happens when your dream trip turns into a nightmare? Allow me to share my story with you.

After 15 years of traveling to Walt Disney World with my children, my mother and I decided it was high time just us girls had a little get-away. We had always wanted to take a tour, but with kids along it just wasn't in the cards. This trip was providing the perfect opportunity, and seeing as we were going in December, there was no doubt we would do the Yuletide Fantasy tour. Mom wanted to try out a new resort too and liked the idea of getting to Downtown Disney by boat, so you guessed it, booked Port Orleans for our stay.

The only obstacle we saw, was Mom needed a wheelchair. I knew I could handle pushing her all weekend, but was the tour wheelchair friendly? I made our reservations, making sure the tour was handicap accessible  and to also let the resort know we needed a chair and a 1st floor room if possible.

Fast forward to our arrival. Checked in at Port Orleans and they had a wheelchair waiting for us. We drove down to our designated parking area and I helped Mom in the chair and grabbed the suitcases. Picture in your mind a crazy woman pushing a chair, dragging suitcases behind, circling the building over and over looking for the elevator, only to be told after my 3rd lap and much swearing, that the building only had stairs. Really?! Back to the front desk to hear "Oh I see you needed 1st floor. Our apologies". Back in the car and off to a new building, with a first floor room.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pinterest Pic

Welcome to another week of Wordless Wednesday with The Disney Gals! We have a confession. We are new to Pinterest...very 2 days new, but thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic we decided to get on the ball and start pinning! Enjoy and please consider following us newbies!! Here's a pic that Disney Gal Gayle took while on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom. To read her two part blog post, click here for Part One and here for Part Two.

                                                                   Source: via The Disney Gals on Pinterest

Special Thanks goes out to Deb from Focused on the Magic for hosting the weekly blog hop!

Focused on the Magic

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hakuna Matata Monday-Disneyland Guide

Disneyland at a Glance

            A few months ago, I was honored to be asked by some of our fellow Disney fanatics over at the new MouseQuest Podcast if I would share some of my Disneyland expertise with them.  I happily jumped at the chance to talk a little bit about my favorite place in the world and share some of the tips I have gathered over the last 57 years of calling Disneyland my home away from home.

Top 10 Disneyland Questions:

1. When is the best time to visit the Disneyland Resort?
Anytime is a great time to be a part  of the magic but to be able to make the most out of your visit, the best times of year to visit the Disneyland Resort are: Mid-September-Mid November, Mid-January – Mid March or Mid April – Mid May.  Tuesday- Thursdays typically have the lowest crowds while the weekends and holidays have the highest crowds but also have extended hours to help handle the influx of visitors.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Join Us At Be Our Guest!! To See How We Liked It!


We were at Walt Disney World in December for a D23 Event – Magic and Merriment and the Magic did happen when the friends we met there for the event suggested that we go with them for their dining reservation at Be Our Guest on Saturday night and see if they would let them add us on.  The check-in line was quite long and when it came for her turn the guest relations person said she would have to check with her supervisor as they are quite busy, she returned with a big YES!! And told us we might have to wait a few minutes longer due to adding us, but we were all okay with that.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - The Letter H

Thank you for joining us for Wordless Wednesday - 
Today we are taking you on a  journey through The Letter H

Disney Gal Tricia:

That's me with Disney Gal Heather at the Happy Haunted Trail Run

Happy HalloWishes

Haunted Mansion at Halloween
The Hollywood Tower Hotel

Captain Hook

Traveling to Disney when you have health issues

No matter the state of your health, taking a trip may seem like a challenge; and it may seem even more daunting if you’re in poor health. But with a little extra planning, a trip to a Disney Resort is certainly feasible, and always fun. The key to safe traveling is to think ahead and prepare for any special travel needs. When you have something like cancer, careful planning is a must, so…

My first step is consulting my doctor

Tell your health care provider about your daily plans and ask if you are allowed to participate in vigorous recreational activities

Some medical issues can increase a patient’s risk for developing blood clots, called deep venous thrombosis, or DVT, especially during long airplane rides or even car trips. You may need to wear compression socks. It may look like a Bollywood performance getting them on but they will help with circulation. A good tip for getting them on is to wear gloves to help pull them on without ripping them.

Ask your doctor to write a summary of your medical/drug instructions, any allergies, and diagnosis and treatment plan. Keep this summary, and other emergency information (for example, emergency contact phone numbers), on hand during the trip, and consider translating this information into other languages if you are traveling to a Disney Park in Hong Kong, Paris or Tokyo.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Author Sunday ~ Tamela Hansen

Disney Gals Welcome

Tamela Hansen

to Guest Author Sunday

The Disney Gals are pleased to welcome back Guest Gal Tamela Hansen with some great advice for when to introduce your child to the magic of Disney.

Hi, this is Tamela Hansen from Alabama. Thank you all so much for inviting me back as a Disney Gal Guest.
One question I have encountered through the years is "Should I wait to bring my child to Disney until they can remember it? “  To share my thoughts on this question I would like to include some personal experiences.

I have been going to Disney as long as I can remember. At every age Disney became more enchanting in a different aspect. As a child I loved to see Mickey and all his buddies and of course I could ride "It's a Small World" over and over and over ALL day long! Then at the age of seven I had a little sister. Going to Disney as a Big sister was so special. My parents and I enjoyed all the adorable reactions from my little sister. Watching her meet Mickey for the first time to seeing which ride would be her favorite. Seeing Disney through her eyes showed me that when I had children I would definitely make sure that they experienced Disney at an early age.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Be Prepared! ...For the Flu

The flu is all over the news. As you watch your Disney countdown tick to single digits you may have extra stress worrying about this year’s Flu Bug.

The acronym FACTS --fever, aches, chills, tiredness and sudden onset--can help identify influenza. Flu strikes fast, unlike a cold, which could take days to come on.  The best way to deal with flu while traveling is not to catch it. Sounds simple, right? You may want to get the flu vaccine before you go. Get vaccinated at least two weeks before traveling. That is how long it takes for the vaccine to take effect.

Follow the same prevention procedures when you are at Disney that you would at home: avoid people who are sick and wash your hands frequently. I like to sing the Mickey Mouse March to make sure I wash long enough. Be mindful of what you touch. Use those anti-bacterial wipes on the shopping cart and hand sanitizer after touching doorknobs and other community  items. Keep each family member's things separate. By providing their own towel and cup, you will keep germs from spreading. This is not the time to share drinks. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guest Author Sunday -Tamela Hansen

Disney Gals Welcome
Tamela Hansen
To Guest Author Sunday

 Meet Tamela Hansen-a wife, mother of two,  and this week's featured  Disney Gal Guest Author. Having logged more than 60 trips to WDW, we think you will love getting to know Tamela over the weeks to come as she shares her vast Disney knowlege and passion with all of us. Welcome Tamela-we're so excited you're here!

Hi, I am Tamela Hansen from Prattville Alabama. I was enchanted by Walt Disney World as a little girl and still I am enchanted as a grown-up princess at heart! I have been a wife for 15 years this month to a Very Disney supportive husband named Dale (And you better believe Chip and Dale and I have Fun with that) . I am also a mom to two Disney loving sons. My 12 years old son Daelan has been to Walt Disney World since before his birth and serveral times a year there after. My 10 year old son Landen has enjoyed Walt Disney World from infancy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Group Discounted Rate Information for September 2013


The Disney Gals have partnered with The Adult Side of Disney to offer group rates to any of you planning to travel to WDW for our Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler Weekend. << Click here for our event page!

These discounted rates will run Thursday, September 26 through Monday, October 7, 2013 for All Star Sports and Coronado Springs; Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, October 6 for Beach Club (Beach Club is “sold out” for October 7). These dates coincide with the opening of Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival (opens 9/27), the Tower of Terror race (10/4 & 5), and MP reunion weekend (last weekend in September).

Three Resorts offered:

All Star Sports – Standard Room: $80.80 + tax/Preferred Room: $93.60 + tax per night (based on double occupancy). A savings of 33% off regular rate. Standard/Preferred rooms accommodate a maximum of four (4) guests in two (2) double beds. There will be a fee of $10.00 per person per night for 3rd and 4th adults (18 years old or older) in each room.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Disney Time



My First 1/2 Marathon!!
Tick-Tock the Crocodile

Umm...Nap Time??