Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sneak Peek: Iron Man

With the much anticipated release of "Iron Man 3" just a few weeks away, Disneyland is about to bring everyone into the world of Tony Stark. Starting tomorrow at Disneyland in Innoventions which is located in Tomorrowland, people will be able to step inside the world of Stark Industries. The centerpiece of Iron Man Tech presented by Stark Industries is Tony Stark's Hall of Armour featuring Iron Man Suits 1-VII as well as the newest Mark 42 suit.  Visitors to the exhibit will be able to virtually suit up through the latest in simulation technology as well as operating the latest pieces of Mark 42 including its infamous repulsor blasts.  Come check out this latest exhibit to the Disneyland Parks and don't forget to check out "Iron Man 3" coming to theaters everywhere May 3.

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