Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why we love our Disney Gal Moms

Hey everyone it's Paul, Disney Gal Judy's son. I've hijacked the Gals Page today as a surprise for them from those that love them.

Here are our favorite memories, tidbits and the reasons we love our Disney Gal moms.

Disney Gal Beth
My wife and the mother to our three wonderful boys, Beth is Elastigirl and Cinderella rolled into one. Like Elastigirl, she does everything within her super-powers to make life happy and enjoyable for her family.  Like Cinderella, she cleans a lot without complaint. OK, hopefully everyone sees that last part as a silly joke! Like Cinderella she is beautiful, graceful, and has made my life happily ever after (throw in a few magical kisses). And not to be forgotten, she is our resident expert travel agent for all things Disney!!!

Happy Mother's Day, we love you!
Ryan, Tommy, Jack, and Connor

Disney Gal Laura

I love you mommy - Connor

Disney Gal Kelly

As a daughter of a Disney Cruise Line fanatic, it was no surprise to me when my mom said she wanted to try everything the ship has to offer. I didn’t, however, expect her to fly up to 1000ft in the air! Without a doubt, parasailing with my mom is my (and my siblings’) favorite memory with her.  She went up with my brother, and my sister and I could still hear her talking at 600ft in the air. When she returned to the ground, it was time for me and my sister to soar. Every person who parasails has the opportunity to have their feet dipped or body dunked in the ocean. While my sister and I were putting on our gear, my mom pulled the man in charge and secretly had him arrange us to be completely dunked in the ocean! We didn’t see it coming, and when we were dunked into the ocean, my mom pulled out her camera and took a few (embarrassing) photos. She took some more photos when we came out from the water-- soaking wet. I’ve never seen her laugh so hard before in my life. Seeing her that happy and enjoying herself that much made me realize that moments like this don’t happen very often, and when they do, should be cherished and appreciated as often as possible.

Disney Gal Gayle

Many of you know our mom as Disney Gal Gayle but we know her as Mommy.  In honor of Mother’s Day we would like to share a few of our Disney Memories with you.

Since I am the oldest and the only girl of course it makes sense for me to go first.

My fondest Disney Memory with my mom it is so hard to pick just one.  I guess though it would have to be when we took Zachary there for the first time.  To me it was the first time that I realized just how special Disneyland truly is when you are able to see it through a child’s eyes.  Disneyland has always had a special place in my heart and it is a place that I know that no matter what kind of day I may be having that the minute I step through those gates that all my worries and fears go away and I can be a kid myself.  My mom not only taught me that but showed me that and I cannot wait until our next trip to Disneyland so that we can have more memories.  By the way mom I am planning on us going this summer so time for you and me to start planning that 

As we all know Kevin is a man of few words so here are his few:

After my daughter was born my mom couldn't wait to take her to Disneyland and before we knew it, we had a little Disney diva on our hands. When Moya got too old to be snuck in as under 3, my mom helped pay to get her an annual pass. A couple of years later when my son got too big, we all got annual passes. Now we have a large collection of Disney DVD’s, the kids often dress as Disney characters for Halloween, and if we have nothing else going on during the weekends, we go to Disneyland (and sometimes during the week.)
Here is something from the favorite child although I am not sure why he gets to be the favorite I still think I should be the favorite since I am the only girl……

My fondest Disney memory involving me and my mom though is only sort of a Disney trip.  Back when I was in elementary school I was part of the young astronaut program that my mom ran after school.  We did multiple sciences and space related projects and had many field trips including to NASA @ Moffet field.  Finally she decided it would be a good idea to take a group of us back to Florida to go to some science related places, including EPCOT.   During spring break of my seventh grade year it was time for the trip.  We were off to Orlando and EPCOT, and downtown Disney.  Although we only got to spend one day at EPCOT it was the most memorable part of the trip.  Getting to go on all of the different rides and see the different attractions.  Of course no Disney trip with my mom would be complete without waiting for hours to see Fantasmic. Now our mom has Fantasmic down to a system she knows where to sit and how to get a seat without having to wait for hours.  So if anyone needs tips on that when they come to California just ask our mom.  I also cannot think of Disneyworld, or see a pair of Mickey gloves and not think about that trip and the fun we had.

And finally the boy who is graduating in 3 weeks…….

My favorite Disney memory is from my birthday trip to Walt Disneyworld. But there isn't just one memory it was the whole trip. From stopping at every photo pass, to listening in on people conversations at the bus stops, to the race and after party( which you may not remember) or meeting your Disney gals. The whole trip was magical.

Mom we wish you a very magical and Happy Mother’s Day.  We love you very much and cannot wait to have more Disney memories with you.

Disney Gal Heather

A few words about Heather: Happy mother's day to a current and future mother, who always is a beacon of love and support for her family. We love you very much and hope you enjoy your special day!

Disney Gal Tricia

Here's a note from Makena for Tricia Kalita: Her favorite memory at Disney with her mom is having lunch at Cinderella's castle.  And her funniest memory is when mommy went to Disney with the Disney Gals and carried a picture of Makena on a stick in all the photos. Makena loves mommy so much!!! Happy Mother's Day from Makena, Daddy, Kingston, and Bailey.

Disney Gal Lynette

Lynette and her daughter

Disney Gal Lori

Lori Hope Fries isn't just the best Disney Mom, she's undeniably the best mom in the world to us three boys.

We were trained at an early age to be park commandos: the ideal Disney Sons. Old pictures show us young boys drained from exhaustion, but that never stopped us from chanting our motto, "One more ride!"  We were always up for rope drop in the morning, and 'first play' before lines got too crowded. But now that we've gotten older and a bit lazier (us boys, never our mom of course), she even lets us sleep in. We're always willing to stay until the park closes, though… unless Mom booked an ADR at Yachstman, Jiko, or O'hana, that is.

She's taught us the ins and outs, the secrets and the shortcuts, and even all the acronyms. If you thought she was tough to beat at Disney trivia, just wait until you take on the Fries Brothers. We've been to Disney Resorts in Florida, California, Hong Kong, and Tokyo - slashing items from our bucket lists. Whether it's a special trip with just one of us and her, or the rare occasion where all three sons and their mom are back together, Lori Hope Fries continually proves that she's the master of fun and surprises.

So this one goes out to you, Mom! You deserve a Disney Princess coronation.

Through pouring rain, with or without ponchos, forever by your side,
Love, your Disney Sons - Jared, Dennis and Sammy

Disney Gal Judy

When I was asked what my favorite Disney memory is, there was many things that ran through my mind at once. Losing Uncle Jose at Disney and in the same trip having to find the EMS for Grandma. The trip with my best friend Edwin, my cousin Vernon, and Grammie. If I had to choose I would have to say it was seeing the look on my wife's face when she saw Winnie the Pooh in person for the first time. How she ran to hug him even though his handler was trying to get him in back. How it made everyone my Mom, Dad, Me and most of all Maggie smile so big. Thanks to my Mom and Dad that moment was possible. - Brian and Maggie

What can I say about my mom Judy...

Judy is always there when someone needs anything. She has welcomed two wonderful women into our family and loved them like they were her own children, not just her daughter-in-laws. I've seen her welcome our friends, some of whom have placed dibs on parts of the Disney collection at the house, into our home time after time with no questions asked as to why they needed a place to stay. While I'll never fully understand why she loves Disney so much, I do know it's rubbed off on all of us.

I have two favorite Disney memories of her. The first is how happy she was when she stayed at the Waldorf Astoria on property for the first time and the hotel upgraded us to one of the two best rooms in the whole hotel.

The second favorite Disney memory is our pre-trip planning ritual. I love the planning, looking into where we're staying, what tours and restaurants we're going to do. It makes me look forward to the trip even more.

Mom, I know we're not around as much as you'd like but know you're always on our mind. We love you. - Paul and Renee

To all the Disney Gals from your daughters, sons, furry kids, husbands and the rest of those we end up calling family...Happy Mother's Day! We love you all.


  1. To our amazing, amazing children WE LOVE YOU! How blessed are we to have each and every one of you in our lives!!! You are are reason for getting up in the morning, for laughing and smiling throughout the day and you all will always be our babies! Thank you for the best Mother's Day gift a mom could ever wish for. Now pass the Kleenex please...

  2. Wow...what a beautiful surprise!! So many people don't understand why I love Disney so much but the memories that I have as a child and the new memories that I continue to make with my family on every trip are unsurpassed. This "blog hijack" brought to together my two most favorite things in the whole world, family and Disney, and made yet another magical Disney memory. Thank you so much! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY DISNEY GALS!!

  3. Happy Mama's Day to some very special ladies :-) If our worth is in any way measured by those who love us, then we are all very, very wealthy ♥♥