Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guest Author Sunday-Meet Chuck Jones

Guest Author Sunday

Meet Chuck Jones-retired police officer from Georgia and self professed Disney fan. Disney Gals are thrilled to be able to bring Chuck to you this week as our Honorary Guy with some great tips for people wanting to know more about one of Walt Disney World's great resort hotels-the Boardwalk.

                                          Top 5 Things About The Boardwalk Inn
                                                                By Chuck Jones

5.  A GOLDEN WELCOME.  Driving into the hotel, the first thing you notice is the big curving arch fronting the building with the huge gold lettering “BOARDWALK” spanning the arch.  As your bags are unloaded from your car for you, the magnificent lobby awaits.  Beautifully decorated in turn of the century décor, this lobby enchants as a turn back into time.  While checking in, you will either stroll through looking at all the delightful touches like the authentic carousel, or sit back in one of the big comfortable chairs and take in the scenery.  These first few minutes inside the hotel will get your juices flowing, because you will realize that everything from here on out will be first class.

4.    A HOP, SKIP, & JUMP.     Now that you have checked in, it won’t take long to realize that because of the proximity of the location, you are closer to the action of all the parks than you would be in any other Disney Resort.  Two of the parks are within walking distance, so if you are so inclined and want the exercise, you will not have to wait on any form of transportation other than your own two feet.  Epcot is no more than a 10 minute walk, and Hollywood Studios is about 20 minutes.  But, if you would rather not walk, you can hop on one of the transportation boats from the dock on the boardwalk, and be at Epcot in less than 10 minutes, and Hollywood Studios in less than 15.  These boats run all day, and there is never more than a 10 minute wait on them.  To get to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, the bus transportation stop is right outside the lobby, and each ride is less than 15 minutes.  So, you are practically in the middle of all the action of the parks, as opposed to being isolated like you are in some of the resorts.  This means more fun times in the parks and less time getting to and from.  It’s sort of like your own permanent Fast Pass.

3.   MAKING A BIG SPLASH.     The grounds outside the hotel, including the boardwalk itself, are meticulously maintained to provide you with tranquility, entertainment, and beauty.  Sprawling out amongst the large acreage on which it sits, the hotel offers 3 pools.  The main pool has a full service bar, tables and chairs, lounge chairs, and a big water slide culminating with a splash into the pool through the mouth of an evil clown.  I’m not sure if they intended this clown to be evil, but he sure looks it, and my daughter thinks all clowns are evil since watching “It” as a youngster.  This pool is very large and gets most of the activity, but there are 2 other ‘Quiet Pools’ spread out on the grounds.  These pools are also big and nice, but have no frills, so most times you can go there just to relax without a lot of noise. 

2.   SLEEPING BEAUTY.    The rooms at the hotel are also decorated in turn of the century mode, and everything is first class and expensive, from the granite counters in the bathrooms to beautiful antique furniture and bedding.  The beds themselves are the most comfortable I have ever slept on, in any hotel or home.  The last time we went, they left a brochure about the bedding and mattresses, including the cost and how you can order one for your own home.  I’m assuming this was done due to the many requests for information they must receive when the guests find the beds to be this comfortable.  For maximum benefit and enjoyment, I recommend upgrading your room to a Water View one.  These rooms look out over the boardwalk and the lake that separates you from Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  If you have a balcony, there is nothing better than sitting out on it and watching the people below on the boardwalk, and the boats going back and forth to the parks.  The boats will sound a gentle horn as they pull into the dock, and the boardwalk plays old time music to keep you in the mood of the day.  Across the lake are the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts and Epcot beyond them, so the view is simply breathtaking.  There is no better view in any hotel, anywhere. 

1ATLANTIC CITY.     The top of this list of top 5 things at The Boardwalk Inn is the boardwalk itself.  Disney has outdone itself in duplicating a genuine turn of the century boardwalk on the east coast.  The crisscrossed planks are identical to the real things, so each step you take you are reminded about where you are supposed to be.  The storefronts also carry the boardwalk theme, with perfect lettering and design.  So now that you are out on the boardwalk there is no shortage of fun things and entertainment.  On the top of almost every list of fun things at Disney World that are free, is the boardwalk.  Each night, there are street performers and entertainers.  Or, you can rent an old time surrey bicycle and pedal up and down the planks.  There are two dance halls, and a multitude of restaurants and eateries, from the fine dining category to kiosks serving some of the best hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream.  My favorite thing to do on the boardwalk is to get a good snack or drink and sit on one of the benches and people-watch.  They are always sure to entertain.  Well, that’s my list and I’m sticking to it.  Now, if you will pardon me, since I mentioned sticking, I need to go wash my hands after devouring that delicious caramel apple I found on the boardwalk.  


  1. Great post Chuck! The Boardwalk is always a stop no matter which resort I stay at. I am a Jellyrolls junkie! My last stay there, they upgraded us to a room with a balcony so large we could have thrown a party on it (maybe because we had a wheelchair?) and it was overlooking the boardwalk area. Just beautiful!

  2. It is the next resort I will be staying in. Thanks Chuck! And welcome to the DisneyGals ºoº

  3. Great post Chuck! I stayed in the Boardwalk Villas last year and just loved it. I was born and raised in the Atlantic City, NJ area and absolutely love the theming. We were unable to reserve a Boardwalk view but still enjoyed our water view on the backside, which also looked out towards the Swan & Dolphin Resorts. Other than my home resort (BLT), the Epcot resorts are definitely my favorite :) Thanks for joining the Disney Gals today!