Monday, July 15, 2013

Candlelight Processional

Booking for the Candlelight
Processional Packages

It’s that time of year again, yes it is only July 15th, but it is time to book your Candlelight Processional Packages. If you have ever been to Walt Disney at Christmas time you can understand the excitement of being able to book your dinner (or lunch).  Who will be there to narrate on the night you book?? That is half the fun of planning your dinner.  I know people who have gone on more than one night just to get to hear someone else narrate.  We were able to see Gary Sense narrate on Christmas Eve the year our youngest son was stationed overseas with the Air Force and our oldest and his wife were stationed in Kodiak, Alaska for the Coast Guard (this was the reason we were at Disney on Christmas, our family was far away).  Gary Sense is very pro military and helps when and wherever he can the soldiers and their families and he have such a moving speech about the military being away from their families at Christmas that both my husband and I were sitting there in the front row crying. 

Over the years we have been able to many different “stars” and have never been disappointed, we also love watching the other “stars” of the show, the singers and the orchestra and the band leaders, some of which are the most fun to watch.  If you are able to squeeze this into your Walt Disney World trip it is worth every minute.

Following is the current list of Narrators from the Disney Site:

Here are the celebrity narrators we’ve confirmed so far (including two new narrators, actors Ashley Judd and Dennis Haysbert):

·         11/29-12/1-TBD
·         12/2-12/3: TBD
·         12/4-12/5: Ashley Judd
·         12/6-12/7: Whoopi Goldberg
·         12/8-12/10: TBD
·         12/11-12/13: Dennis Haysbert
·         12/14-12/16: James Denton
·         12/17-12/19: Edward James Olmos
·         12/20-12/22: Trace Adkins
·         12/23-12/25: TBD
·         12/26-12/28: Blair Underwood
·         12/29-12/30: Amy Grant
As usual, entertainment is always subject to change.

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