Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary to the Disney Gals and Thank you!!

The Disney Gals have been going for over a year now; it seems like only yesterday when Gayle asked if anyone would like to form a blog together! The past year had a lot of ups and downs and learning curves and learning who can handle what but oh what a year!  Just past our first year’s anniversary we reached 1000 likes on our Facebook Page, I think we can all remember how excited we were when we reach 50 and then 100, 1000 seemed so far away, but it really wasn’t. 

We have worked hard and many long hours to get this where we are today, with our Facebook Page and our Blog Page. We have found each of us has our own “hidden” talents, for some it is writing for other’s it is contests, and still others it is helping in the background, whatever it is that we do each one of us is important to the Disney Gals and more importantly to each other.   We have become a support group, we can lean on each other when we need to cry or when we need a laugh, or just need to talk it out, but behind the screen there is another set of people that are always there too, to pick up the pieces while we are working on a story, to test a new Disney product, to work on Wordless Wednesday...they would be our families, our husbands or significant others, our children (little or big, still at home or not), our siblings who we might not talk to as much as we usually have, our friends who we have missed dinner with or not spoken too as much lately as we would like to, or even our pets who might get padded on the head while we are working on a story, but not played with right that minute.

Today I would like to thank my husband for all his patience for the last year, today is a special day as it is our 36th wedding anniversary; yes he married this crazy Disney nut; yes he had no idea what he was getting into so many years ago and yes, okay he is part of it now whether he likes it or not (okay I know he does).  He has grown with me to enjoy our trips and, like Kelly said yesterday, we too had to cancel our October trip to Walt Disney World, which took a lot of discussions and analyzing, before deciding that for one your sister graduating from the Chicago Police Academy was more important and for two it would really save us a lot of money, money we really don’t have right now and that sometimes you have to make that hard decision, but I did not have to make it alone. 

We usually decide which Disney pieces we will purchase together, unless it is a surprise, and you would be surprised more times than not it is him who would like to purchase a piece before me! He is the one who tells anyone who asks his advice about Disney to “Look up the Disney Gals” and call my wife they can help you and he hands them one of our business cards.  He is also one sitting with me some of the Tuesday nights while I am working on Wordless Wednesday’s and it isn’t going right and our old son Paul (Disney Gal’s IT and computer go to guy) is on deployment, trying to help me figure out how to get something to work, anything for that matter! He also set up and new computer and desk for me to work on the Disney Gals, I know he thought I was crazy when I asked for two computer screens, but he bought the extra one for me and got them both working right and it is so much easier to move those photos around with that second screen (now he is getting the hang of it).  So people think we are crazy because we go to Disney every year, but to us this a place to go and relax, enjoy each other and our family too.  We have been to Disneyland many times and also Disneyland Paris, we are trying to plan a trip to Tokyo Disney, but now that his old partner on the ambulance left yesterday for Shanghai with an open invitation to visit them, I think that sounds like a good reason to visit the new Disney, don’t you?

We have been though a lot in 36 years, but I wouldn’t want to do with anyone but you!


  1. Happy Anniversary Judy and Paul! The Disney Gals owe quite a bit to you and your family so thank you so very much. You are some of the most caring, generous, patient, helpful, honest people I know and it's been an honor to have you guys in my life. Enjoy your day!

  2. You are our shining star and the glue that holds us together. You and Paul show us each and every day that fairy tales can and do come true. I'd be lost without the two of you in my life and love you both so much. Happy Annuversary!

  3. Wow Judy, this read like a love letter to your hubby, family and the Disney Gals.♥ I loved it! Happy Anniversary to you and Paul and a Happy Anniversary to the wonderful Gals. I recall the FB post on the MMC that grew and grew and grew when the comment was made that a bunch of non bloggers should start a blog. Who knew this amazing place would be the result! Love the Disney Gals, each and every one of you ♥


  4. Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for opportunity to be a part of the gals! You are all awesome and I can't wait to meet you all! So I say a BIG " HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH MANY TO COME"!