Sunday, July 7, 2013

Honorary Gal Sunday

Welcome Back Tamela Hansen

WDW Specialist

I have often had the question asked to me "Why would you go to Walt Disney World when it is so hot"?  Well the obvious reason is because the kids are out of school, and of course we need Mickey added to our summer fun!  So what is the best way to beat the heat at Walt Disney World during the summer?   We just got back from a week being there and WE DID IT!

The first thing I would recommend is pick a resort on site that you enjoy visiting.  The resort does make a big difference in the summertime.  Everything from the room, the activities at the pools, the dining options, and even the evening movie will make your Walt Disney World summer vacation even more enjoyable. 

The second thing I recommend is to visit the water parks!  Disney has the best water parks for everyone in the family.  Since it is summertime,  and no fast passes at the waterparks, you may find that some of the lines for certain attractions are lengthy. If that is the case, there's never a wait for the lazy river!
This is always a wonderful attraction for the entire family,  especially mom that doesn't want to get wet!  Trust me your kids will enjoy pushing you under every single waterfall!  Be prepared,  that water is much colder than the lazy river water!  Ouch!!!  Also, at the water parks you can relax because during the summer they're open late so even if you get there late you have all evening. During the evening hours the lines are shorter and it is not as hot.  Don't forget the wave pools also, there's no line there!  But one important thing is to make sure you find some comfy water shoes that will save your feet for the day you go to the theme parks.

The third thing I would highly recommend is pick a day that is breezy to enjoy the theme parks.  Everyday will be hot, but as long as there is a nice breeze the theme parks are VERY enjoyable and you really never get too
hot!  We did just that!  Everyday that we were at Walt Disney World it was in the 90's but on the breezy days we headed for the theme parks and truly had a blast and BEAT THE HEAT!  Also make sure that you plan your days alternating inside attractions with outside attractions with wait lines this will help with the heat.  We chose everyday too have lunch in the later afternoon between 2 & 3-ish for two reasons.  One reason is that is the hottest part of the day.  The second reason is there is no major line for lunch. 

Last but not least make sure to relax enjoy yourself and get to know the people at your resort.  Of course I have a few personal experiences to go with this!  In our family no one meets a stranger!  So we decided to divide our vacation up into two resorts days.  For half of our vacation we stayed at the Walt Disney World Saratoga Springs Resort.  We met the sweetest family from Colorado that we enjoyed so much!  As my husband and I got to know the parents my children got to know their children and we had a wonderful day.  We played pool side games together talked a lot and really felt like we had made new friends by the time we left Saratoga Springs Resort.  Next, we were off to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Disney made it very easy to transfer from one resort to the next all we did was pack up at Saratoga Springs and drive our luggage to Animal Kingdom Lodge they took our luggage and we went off for the day to the parks.  Upon returning from the park after we entered our room we called Bell service and within 10 minutes we had all of our luggage.  And of course as Disney does best we had the most amazing surprise!  I had booked a standard room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge but upon entering the room we noticed a giraffe head in the distance through the balcony window.  Disney had upgraded us to Savannah's view!  Now of course this doesn't happen every time but you are always for sure on every Disney vacations Disney will throw in some little surprising twist, very unexpected, that will just make your vacation that more memorable!  My family and I ran to the balcony to start observing animals and check them off our checklist for animals that we could spot from my balcony!  Words cannot explain how amazing a Savannah view room is!  From now on I know it is worth a little extra money to enjoy this experience!  My sons enjoyed the pools so much that they did not even want to leave the pools to go to the parks!  We watched a movie under the stars as my kids watched it from the pool. 

So to sum it up, yes you can go to Walt Disney World in the summer and Beat the Heat and have the most amazing summer vacation!  Yes it may be required a little more planning but it is very worth it!

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  1. Thanks Tamela! We went in July and we impressed by all the measures Disney took to keep us cool and having fun plus we're huge Typhoon Lagoon fans!