Friday, August 9, 2013

ESPN Club Review

Down at the Boardwalk
Disney’s Boardwalk, located just behind the Disney Vacation Club Resort Boardwalk Inn, is one of our favorite places to just roam around.  It usually isn't that crowded, there’s a lot to do and the scenery is superb.  With ESPN Club, Kouzzina’s, Flying Fish and Big River Grille all on site, the variety of food choices rival Downtown Disney.  After a long day of traveling, we decided that dinner on our first night back at Walt Disney World would be at ESPN Club since we hadn't eaten there before.   It helped that it is literally a few minutes walking distance from Epcot and a great place to spend some time before catching IllumiNations.

Look! No wait!
Unless there’s a major sporting event going on, advanced reservations aren't needed.  We were seated within fifteen minutes of arriving.  A true sports fans would revel in the attention to detail put into creating the ultimate sports cave.  Every inch of the restaurant is peppered with sports memorabilia. There are televisions everywhere, including over every stall in the bathroom, ensuring no play is missed on a game watched here.   There’s even a desk in the center of the restaurant where ESPN shows are actually taped when special events occur in the Orlando area.  This is the sports bar of all sports bars, but at the same time, very family friendly, despite the absence of booster seats.  Since our entire family was dressed in Michigan Wolverines attire, most people thought we were there to watch a Michigan game.  Some fans we are! We had no clue about any Michigan games being televised that night and just responded "Go Blue!" to anyone who asked us about it.

Yummy chicken nuggets
We were all pretty hungry and ordered as soon as we sat down.   The foodie in me was curious about the Over/Under burger, while poor hubby just wanted to eat.  Mr. UberPicky, quickly scanned the menu and just ordered a plain burger and fries.  Considering the reputation of “extreme burgers” at this restaurant, I thought his order was a bit disrespectful to the chef and after seeing my jaw drop, he called the waitress back to our table and ordered the Tailgate Pulled Pork sandwich in addition to his bare burger.  Our children were happy to split a kid’s chicken nugget meal; one eating the chicken and the other enjoying the fries and fresh fruit salad.

Over/Under Burger
The Over/Under burger was pretty darn good.  Who would have thought about lobster salad and lettuce on a burger?  There was more than enough lobster justify the $19 price tag, a number noted on this trip since we weren't on the dining plan for the first time since creation.  The aussie peppercorn crust on the burger came across a bit more salty than I expected, even then I wished it had bacon, but I would definitely order it again.  The chicken nuggets were crispy, juicy and tasty.  The pulled pork was cooked to perfection, but my husband thought the sauce was a little overbearing.  The fries that accompanied everyone’s meal were great, too.  The sangria wasn't my favorite, but a long day traveling meant an adult beverage was sorely needed.  There wasn't an empty plate (or glass) on the table as when left.

ESPN Club is a good option if you’re in the area and don’t have advanced reservations for dinner.  Remember to tell the wait staff if you have allergies because we found out the hard way that the seafood and fries are fried in the same oil, and missed IllumiNations looking for a remedy to my husband’s swollen lips.  Despite his allergic reaction, we enjoyed our dinner and would encourage any sports fan to stop by, especially if they are at Disney World during a major sporting event. I am certain that would make for an unforgettable evening!

Lottie Ferguson, Honorary Gal

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  1. Great review Lottie! I've been curious about the Over/Under Burger myself. Also, really good to know about shellfish and french fries being cooked in the same oil?? Yikes. GO BLUE!