Thursday, August 15, 2013

Give Away Time! It's the Brand new Care Bear Movie

"A Belly Badge for Wonderheart"

I can remember it like it was yesterday. My three older children were sitting in front of the television set when suddenly squeals of delight came from the family room, especially from Jason, the youngest of the big kids. The Turner children had officially discovered the Care Bears. Suddenly, everything in Jason’s life became about Care Bears, in fact so much so that for Halloween that year I made him a Wish Bear (the blue Care Bear) costume. There wasn’t an inch in our house that wasn’t covered in blue fuzz and he actually wore the costume for several more years. 

Fast forward 30 years and the Care Bears are still here with all their sweetness and charm and with a  brand new movie “A Belly Badge for Wonderheart.”  I had the honor of screening this brand new addition to the Care Bear collection with a room full of captivated 5 year olds and it still held the same magic that captured the hearts of my own children all those years ago.  Between the laughter, giggles and the twinkle in their eyes as they watched in anticipation to see if Wonder Heart Bear would indeed be able to make his dreams come true of joining the Bear Bouts, all the magic that we have come to know the Care Bears for was still there.

Want to win your very own copy of “A Belly Badge for Wonderheart” for your own family?  Go to our Disney Gals Facebook page and enter under Give Aways. Then step back, relax and wait to be transported to the world of Care-A-Lot-a place where everyone can discover the joys of honesty and caring.


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