Sunday, August 18, 2013

Guest Author Sunday

Guest Author Sunday

Welcome Michael Juba

 Disney Gals are pleased to welcome Michael Juba  as this week's Guest Author. As we all know, Walt Disney World has incredible golf courses located within the Walt Disney Resort area. Here's Michael to tell you all about them.

Golfing Zen at Disney

Going to Disney World is an experience most families should eventually have. For many families, they return again and again to relive the magic of visiting a theme park that embodies so many childhood dreams for the family’s children.

For the parents of these children, it can seem as though Disney is a steady stream of rides and attractions that are a bit overwhelming. So much sound, noise, and movement – it’s enough to lay you low for weeks to come, recovering somewhere dark and quiet. As young and energetic as your children are, you just aren’t that spry anymore, and so your “vacation” to Disney can end up being more exhausting than your time at work the other 50 or so weeks of the year!

Find Some ‘You Time’

Fortunately, Disney really has thought of everything, and there are more than enough distractions for adults that are more their speed. Chief among them are Disney’s golf courses, carefully designed and cared-for courses, some of which are even on the PGA Tour. Golf offers the serenity, quiet, and focus that may be lacking in the theme park, but which you definitely need to unwind and recharge!

Four of Disney’s golf courses are championship courses – three of those courses are the ones that can be found on the PGA Tour – while another is a practice course with a par of 36, great for that spouse who is only just getting into the game or your children who are still learning.

Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course is a beautiful course, one that has several twists and turns, winding through the palmettos, lakes, and villas that Florida is so well known for. The course has played host to the PGA and LPGA Tours, as well as several USGA events. If you’re looking for a quality course, Lake Buena Vista’s 4 stars rating from Golf Digest should give you some idea of how good it is to tee off here.

Disney’s longest course is Magnolia Golf Course, a classic Tour-style course with beautiful, eponymous magnolia trees featured throughout the course. The course is beset by water hazards, offering a challenge to players. As if that wasn’t enough, 97 bunkers are also featured throughout the course, breaking up the long fairways.

Golfing For the Whole Family

The Palm Golf Course offers a slightly more tropical experience, with palm trees and tropical sands spread throughout the 18-hole championship course. The Palm Golf Course’s 9 water hazards and 94 bunkers offer plenty of challenges to players, yet novices can still enjoy the course as well, so long as they’re willing to play a slightly more cautious game!

The woodland walking course on Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course is the aforementioned 36-par, “practice” golf course. With nine holes on some memorable greens and with plenty of challenges for the novice player, the Oak Trail offers a great family golf experience along with the natural beauty that you may be missing in the theme park itself.

If you or members of your family want to improve their golf game, Disney also offers golf lessons from professional golf instructors. Personal coaching, video review, and direct and personal feedback from your instructors are all part of the educational experience you can expect from Disney. If you want to pack off to a more difficult course while your children learn a bit more about how to play the game, this might provide just the opportunity.

Regardless of how you decide to spend your time at Disney, playing golf on these championship courses are a great way to find an oasis of peace and harmony amidst the raucous fun of Disney World itself. Next time you’re planning a trip to Disney, keep them in mind!

Author Bio: Michael Juba is a writer and marketer from Lititz, Pennsylvania, which was recently voted the coolest small town in America. He enjoys writing about sports, technology, health, home improvement, travel and just about any topic in between.

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  1. WOW!! I really enjoyed this article. Thanks Michael! This sounds like a great little gift for the golf enthusiast who is looking from an escape from the parks. DVC members get some great discounts as well!