Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Disney Outlet Store! Well Yes there is!!

There is a New Outlet Mall in Town!
My two nieces were happily to help with this assignment as they both came home with something
There is a new outlet mall in town, the Fashion Outlets of Chicago and guess what is in that mall?? Yes a Disney Outlet Store!! On Saturday, August 10th they had the Grand Opening of the Disney Store and YES! I was there along with my two youngest nieces to enjoy the opening.  First of all 10% the sales went to Boys & Girls Clubs.  We arrived to the greetings of the Cast Members handing out special Disney Store Mouse ears (which only the first 500 guest received). 

This store is very bright and also has the same thing's the regular Disney Store's have so from that perspective no savings there; it is also not like they Disney Outlets I have been to near Walt Disney World in Orlando; but in the back of the store near the cash registers there is a clearance area which, since I had just been "window shopping" on-line at the Disney Store I was able to notice that most of what was in the clearance area was from the Disney Store on-line and as an added bonus it was an additional 25% off!

The people working the opening I notice were from my local Disney store along with new people and were very helpful and the usual Disney happy! They walked around the store asking Disney questions and you could win prizes, which both my nieces did (and were very excited about). would recommend checking out the clearance section of this store you never know what you might find.

After paying for our purchases we took a walk around the mall and I found one more thing that reminded me of Disney; it is a piece of artwork hanging from the ceiling, but for me it reminded me a Pixar movie, can anyone guess which one? 


  1. This would be worth taking a trip just to shop...and of course see you and Kelly! WOW!

  2. You are sooo lucky! I miss our weekly trips to the mall just to shop at the Disney store. Ours was closed last year and I'm still in mourning. Also love the balloons!! Reminds me of Up, of course! One of my favs :)

    1. Tricia, it's pretty sad when your local Disney Store calls you to tell you they have something special that you might want, lol! (Which is even closer then this one and on my way home from work now.)

  3. I'm excited about 10% of total sales going to local Boys & Girls Clubs, my favorite charity! Wish there was one closer to my home, but alas, the outlet is 60 minutes away & the regular store is almost 90 minutes away.