Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everybody Raise a Glass to O'Gill's Irish Pub


Céad míle fáilte and welcome to O'Gill's Irish Pub aboard the Disney Fantasy.

When I first heard about the theming of the nightclubs aboard the Fantasy, I couldn't wait to experience them, especially O'Gill's. You see, next to Disney, Ireland is my favorite spot to vacation. More specifically, the west coast, in a small town called Doolin, but that is another post for another day. I had high hopes that O'Gill's would be pulled right out of small town Ireland with a few "locals" playing traditional music in the evening. Friendly barkeeps telling stories, and even friendlier patrons would gather for some good craic. Well, I was half right.

Located on deck 4, aft, O'Gill's is nestled in with the smaller bars of the Europa district. Walking up to the pub, you can feel yourself being transported across the pond. The dark wood and antique lights set the stage perfectly.


Inside, the deep wood tones and brass accents are very reminiscent of traditional Irish pubs. Hard wood floors, bar stools crowded around small round tables, big cozy booths tucked in the corners, and Guiness on draught. Well done Imagineers!

However, there are a few issues. Shamrocks, everywhere! I know it's Irish, but enough is enough, and I've never been in a pub with big comfy chairs. I do understand that some concessions must be made for the comfort of the guests, so I'll let that slide.  But crushed were my dreams of live music. Instead O'Gill's is the ship's sports bar, and flat screen TV's are everywhere. The place does get pretty loud and rowdy when a big game is on, not unlike watching a Mayo vs Kerry match in the Emerald Isle. In the daytime when there's no major sporting event being broadcast, the pub plays host to adult trivia games put on by the Cruise Entertainment Staff. Subjects range from TV theme songs to movie quotes and more. So whether you're looking to challenge your shipmates' knowledge or quaff a few pints while cheering on your team, O'Gill's is the place to be!

One final thought, O'Gill's must be quite popular as they are adding it to the re-imagined Disney Magic. Take a look and be ready to book!  O'Gill's aboard the Disney Magic And if anyone from the Disney Cruise Line is reading this, a little live music would be a perfect touch.  :)

Kelly is a Disney Gal who loves finding fun and adventure on the High Seas aboard the Disney Cruise Line. Whether it's pampering, para sailing or the unlimited Diet Coke, she enjoys all the ships have to offer. She is currently wearing down Commodore Tom to allow her to blow any of the ships' musical horns. As of now, he is disinclined to acquiesce. To learn more about Kelly, click here.


  1. Great info about the Pub. It sounds really cool. I'll be checking it out on my next cruise........hopefully soon.

  2. Kelly I am learning so much each week from our very own DCL expert! Times have certainly changed since my last DC on The Big Red Boat! Can't wait to go someday and experience all of this for myself-do you have a ship I should start with?

    1. Gayle, you can start on any Disney ship, you won't be disappointed. That said, the Dream & Fantasy can be a bit overwhelming for 1st time cruisers due to their size. Now that the Magic is out of it's "Re-imagination Station" you can enjoy all the latest technology from the Fantasy aboard a smaller, more "homey" ship.