Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guest Author Sunday

Welcome Back Tamela Hansen

As Disney lovers we all enjoyed planning our own vacations and many of us enjoy planning vacations for friends, family and the ones in the community.  When I plan our Disney vacations I do this in several stages.  First, I take time to plan the best dates for our family and the resort we choose to stay.  Second, I order maps and plan out which parks we will go to on each day.  Third, I make reservations and decide transportation from the parks toe my dining of choice. Then last but not least packing is part of our planning.

Choosing the best time for our family to go on a Disney vacation experience can be tricky.  We have to take into consideration the times that our children are out of school, my husband can take off work, and if we are going to take friends or family with us, a time that works best for everyone.  Also depending on what type of Disney vacation we are exploring we will consider the temperatures and weather that we may encounter during that time of the year.  We always make sure we plan our Disney vacation 8 months to a year before our arrival date.  This helps us with planning and also in budgeting.  Then of course this is what makes the Countdown begin!

Once we decide on a date now we have to decide on a resort.  The resort we pick will depends on our budget, the time of year, and the specials that are typically offered during those times of the year.  For our family if we are going to Walt Disney World during the summer we prefer to stay at a deluxe resort.  Since it may be very warm we can enjoy the pools and the, different amenities that the deluxe resorts offer.  If we are going with a larger group we typically stay at a value resort to make it easier on the budget for everyone included.  Then if it is just our family and there are nice dining or resort specials offered we typically stay at a moderate.  Through the years we have truly enjoyed all of the different resorts that we have stayed in at Walt Disney World.  Each and every resort has something awesome and amazing to offer to everyone.
When I am helping someone else planned an amazing Disney vacation I always help them start their Countdown by deciding the dates and the Walt Disney World Resort that works the best for them.  This is always a very enjoyable experience especially for those who are planning their very first Disney vacation!  Even though it is not my Walt Disney World vacation the excitement and the pure bliss of helping someone else planned their vacation is amazing for me!

Yeah! The excitement begins and the Countdown is on! Now to order maps and start looking at dining possibilities!  I always make a point to find out different foods that everyone likes and pick restaurant that will complement it.  Also, I always think about the dining experience because when you are dining at Disney it's not all about the food!  This is usually enough to keep us busy or family and friends busy until the next stage in our trip planning adventure!


  1. Tamela,

    I know planning is the best. I also segment the planning. I see the wonderful Royal Room in your article, makes me sad-I just left it 5 days ago, wah. Great article. Dorky Dawn

  2. Very interesting post is this. I agree that planning is necessary for make the vacation.