Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Disney Gals Favorite Holiday Memories

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's from the Disney Gals!
Disney Gal Judy: 
We live in Chicago and downtown we had a Marshall Field's (yes is a Macy's now just not the same), every year Paul and I would take a day off of work and take the boys out of school and take them downtown to see the Christmas windows and have lunch in the Walnut Room around the big tree.  They would both get a hot chocolate the came delivered in an

Uncle Mistletoe mug , which they got to take home. 

Over the years they got a new mug (and it changed over the years to the Santa Bear) and when they left and got married, those mugs went with them as a memory of when they where little. 

Disney Guy Paul:

It's hard to have one Christmas memory. Christmas means many different things to me. I rarely get home for Christmas so any time I do I enjoy watching the crazy family time the holidays inevitably bring. Trying to split our time between my family and my wife's family gets entertaining. 

My favorite tradition is going to see the windows along State Street with the family. They are no where near the same as they were when I was younger. Stores are renamed or simply vanished like the ghosts in a Christmas Carol. We always made sure to get our picture with Santa and get some lunch. 

Renee and I announced our engagement on Christmas Eve, I had asked her close to the holiday and I remember how beautiful the city looked that December night from the Hancock Observation Deck. 

My favorite work related Christmas memory was the first Chicago's Christmas Ship event. It was so cold and we didn't know how it was going to go. I had flown in from Traverse City, MI., after filming the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw loaded with trees heading to the city. We drove the tape around to all of the tv stations to make sure they had the footage. 

When the ship arrived we spent all day decorating it on Navy Pier so we could hold the welcome ceremony and hand out the first tree. The event became a tradition every year I was stationed in the Great Lakes and continues now 14-years later.

Disney Gal Kelly:

I have to chuckle reading Judy & Paul's memories because I often reminisce of time spent taking the bus Downtown with my Grandma to see the windows and eat at the Walnut room. Truly a Chicago tradition for many.

However, my favorite recent memory is sending my parents to WDW for their 50th anniversary. I had gone to see all the Christmas decorations with my mom the previous year, and upon our return, my dad looked so sad hearing our stories, like he had really missed out. Thus the anniversary trip was born. 

Dad didn't want my brother & I spending a lot of money so he booked a room at the Marriott with his rewards points. I did convince him that they had to do the Candlelight Processional and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party so he let us buy that for them. But what he didn't know is I cancelled his Marriott reservations and booked them a room at the Boardwalk overlooking the water! When I drove them to the airport, I gave them an itinerary of everywhere they needed to be, times and confirmation numbers, including their Boardwalk information. They were told not to open it until safely on the airplane. 

I wish I could have been on the plane to see their faces! They got a quick call in before the plane took off, full of excitement followed by "You shouldn't have". So glad we did, they enjoyed every minute of their trip and have plenty of pictures to prove it. 


  1. Kelly, How great is that for your parents, you will have to let us know how much they enjoyed their trip!

  2. Speaking as the parents---------that trip was MAGICAL!!! Thank you, Kelly.