Thursday, December 26, 2013

Magic Kingdom Year End Review

Year End Review-2013 Magic Kingdom

Join Honorary Gal and Official Disney Gal Travel Agent from Destinations Florida Dawn Gosdin as she wraps up this year at the Magic Kindgom!
Yesteryears Fantasyland blossoms into “The New Fantasyland”
Character Meet & Greets are now possible & the really cool part, you can visit with them in their designated land, 2 new themed regions. Check em’ out
1.     Enchanted Forest Attractions;
Be Our Guest Restaurant (Love at lunch time, cheaper & easier to get a reservation than dinner)
Gaston’s Tavern (Lafou’s Brew, really sweet goodness)
2.   Storybook Circus Attractions;
The Barnstormer  (Sadly, my hubby’s favorite)
Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station (Not my fave, kids get wet & then wet the seats on the non-water rides)
Pete’s Silly Sideshow (Love the name)
Fantasyland Station (Choo, choo)

Also Princess Fairytale Hall opened September 2013, with a one stop shop to meet your favorite Princesses.

In 2013 and beyond, you can look forward to new additions of fun in New Fantasyland. Upcoming...ReYou want moreght up to the classic American circus in an area that evokes the spirit of the classic..., here you go- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is nearing its debut, sometime in 2014, not sure when, as its hush-hush.  I read recently, they’re in the cart testing phase, woot. (Speaking of hush-hush, I’m not telling my hubby much about it or he would skip it all together—CHICKEN, if the seven dwarfs can do it, so can he, LOL)
This spring 2014, Magic Kingdom will unveil a new parade named "Disney Festival of Fantasy.” This new parade will feature magical music with festive themed floats. Some of the movies included in this parade are: "The Little Mermaid", "Sleeping Beauty", "Brave" and other beloved Disney movies, old and new. (Hello- all our faves) Out with the old & in with the new, “The Celebrate a Dream Come True” parade will end this month, making way for the new parade. (Boo hoo, not really sad, not a huge fan of parades, hoo hah.)
Walt Disney would be very proud with the evolution of the Magic Kingdom & Disney overall. The future inevitably looks extra sparkly with a side of pixie dusted rainbows, morphing the future of The Walt Disney Company into the stratosphere. See ya real soon!

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