Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kid's Korner- Torn Paper Snowman

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

What do you do when weather or other factors trap you inside the house, or you just want something easy and fun to do with the kids-you create a Torn Paper Snowman of course? This is a great project to inspire creativity all while helping to develop your child’s imagination and small motor skills that become so necessary later on in life.  Let’s get started:

You Will Need:
Large Construction Paper or Tag board
White Construction Paper or computer paper
Scraps of assorted colors
White Paint
Empty Box or box lid Place
Pencil and scissors
Soundtrack from Disney’s “Frozen”

1)     Tear White Paper into small pieces-these will be the basis for your Snowman
2)   Have your lightly draw the basic outline of a snowman’s body-for younger children such as the ones in my classroom, we actually “drew”
the bottom circle directly with the glue, and when the students had completed the base, we drew the next circle.
3)   Have the child glue, (or place if the glue is already there) the torn white paper into the circles of the snowman, making sure the pieces overlap.

4)   Tear small bits of green, pink and orange to create the snowman’s eyes, buttons and carrot nose.
5)   From other scraps create a hat, scarf and arms for your snowman. We used a Cricut to create the ears so our snowmen could show their #DisneySide
6)   Place the finished product into the lid of a box.

7)   Dip two marbles into a bowl of while paint. Drop both marbles into the box and let the child roll the marbles back and forth to create the snow

Don’t have any paint on hand? Another fun alternative is to connect a large paper plate and a small paper plate  (or a large and small circle cut from tag board) and put out an assortment of treasures from your cabinets and drawers. Then stand back and watch their creativity take off!

Now the only question to answer is “Do you want to build a Snowman”  ( You know you’ve been singing it ever since I mentioned it)

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