Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let the #DisneySide @Home Celebrations Begin!

Our #DisneySide parties are just around the corner! As we put the finishing touches on our decorations and finalize our plans, we wanted to give you another sneak peek before the final unveiling:

Disney Gals Kelly and Judy:

Plan updates:

The plans are in high swing right now as our party is only one week away! We have ordered some special banners to show the different area's of our #Disney Side Ship (which we cannot wait to see)! We are putting the finishing touches on the dinner:

(thanks to a friend who were just at WDW)
and the all important dessert menu.

Should we make these?

We are also getting Castaway Cay ready for the sand (you can see it can't you) So do you think we are a little tired of the snow?

What do you think is in the bag of prizes?  The gift bags arrived!

I think it is going to be a great and fun party!!

Disney Gal Gayle:

With just three weeks to go before the cast of the Madrone Players begins their journey over the rainbow to Oz, top secret plans are in full swing for their top secret surprise #DisneySide Celebration on February 28. So how does one turn an ordinary classroom and cafeteria into a rockin' out Disney Dance Party? With the help of some incredibly and talented crafty moms-that's how! When your production manager is Kerry Redemer, of Simply Sweet Parties, you know that every available space will sparkle with #DisneySide Magic! Check out these previews of what our cast will be walking into:

The Table Is Set and Ready

Kyle is ready with his Disney Balloons & Hat

Check out our Dorothy & Wicked Witch Complete With Minnie Headbands

The Photo Booth Is Ready with all of our Disney Friends

The Table is Set

Now the only question is, what's your #DisneySide and how will you celebrate?  

Disney Gal Lori:

for my #Disneyside party and parade are in full swing. There are still  a Buzz Zillion things to finish. This week we got all of the Wings done.

There are about 30 Space Rangers.

I think we have used 100 rolls of ducktape!  Tutus were also started this week. We need about 45 rolls of tulle to complete the look. I also got mesh to make hairpieces. The kids will remember this celebration as being out of this world thanks to Buzz Lightyear. 

Costumes for the Cowboys are almost done also. This week I am working on the boys vests and all of the pull strings for the 30 in this group.

All of the snacks have been figured out. Cupcakes, and gummy snacks with the toy story theme plus some other morning of the parade treats. 

Want to know more about showing your #DisneySide? Be sure to check out the official #DisneySideCelebration Website and stay tuned to the Disney Gals as Disney Gals Kelly and Judy in Chicago, Disney Gal Gayle in California and Disney Gal Lori in Arizona share their love of Disney with those in their lives.


  1. LOVE all of these ideas ladies!! Can't wait to see the party pics...especially all of those little Buzz Lightyears! You guys are awesome :)

  2. I wish we could all go to each others parties!