Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday to My Eldest Disney Addict

They say good things come to those that wait, and wait we did. Eighteen years ago today, after a long 24+ hours of labor, along came my beautiful Moleigh Clare. I could go on how she means the world to me and all the joy she has brought into our lives, but I can see her rolling her eyes and saying the ever-famous "Mu-ther, that's so embarrassing." Instead, I will share some of my favorite Disney pictures throughout the years. You see, not only did she add something to my life that I never knew was missing, but she was also my excuse (one that my hubby would believe) to keep going to Disney over and over again.

Explaining to Ariel how they look alike.

One of our favorite memories came from this trip. After a long day of seeking autographs, we returned to our resort for a quick nap before dinner. While her brother and sister slept, Moleigh resisted getting a little shut-eye. We tried to explain that Mom & Dad say everyone needs a nap, and with that, she put on a pair of sunglasses, and in the most serious voice a four year old can muster proclaimed, "I make the rules." We corrected her saying that Mom & Dad are in charge. Of course by this time I had the video camera rolling, and I'm glad I did because she upped her game to full out stomping around saying "I'm in charge." and "I make the silly rules!" I've got to give her credit for persistence, I've got 5 minutes of video of her silly rules, and she never did take a nap.

By now, my Mom & Dad were joining us at Disney World, and they decided to take it one step further, on to the cruise ships, thus Grandpa's Gang was born!

Moleigh took to cruising right away, even enjoyed getting in on the act!

Ventriloquist Taylor Mason
Stalking characters for pictures and autographs continued through the years, or maybe Pluto is stalking her :)

I look back at all the trips and memories we've made, and always find myself with a smile on my face. Some might say it's the magic of Disney, but I say it's the magic made at Disney because you were there with me. Happy 18th birthday to my grown-up princess. Love you more than words can say (sorry, had to put that in there).


  1. Brought tears to my eyes--well written. Glad I could "share in the joy".

  2. Two times in one day sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes. I know how you feel! Happy Birthday to Moleigh! She will remember those days too, trust me!

  3. Such a beautiful, touching post-dabbing the tears from my eyes! Happy Happy Birthday sweet Moleigh! May all your dreams come true-today, tomorrow and always!