Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kids Love to Cruise with Disney

The whole family loves cruising with Disney but specially the kids!  Disney offer so many fun, exciting, and adventurous opportunities for all ages!  Disney makes it easy for your kids to have a blast even without mom and dad!

When you board the ship you have the opportunity ,as a family, to explore all of the youth activities before the ship sets sail.  The ship offers It's a Small World Nursery or Flounders Reef nursery for children ages 3 months to 3 years.  For children ages 3 years to 12 years the ship offer the Oceaneers Club and Laboratory.  Tween ages 11 through 14 can have a blast at Edge.  Finally your teens ages 14 to 17 can get to know more teens on the ship at Vibe. Your young ones may even get a picture with their favorite character!
The younger cruisers can enjoy Goofy golf (No pun intended), basketball, soccer, ping pong, and shuffleboard.  The ship also offers an arcade and some nights free arcade play time.  As a family you can enjoy family games and family dancing at the D Lounge or Studio Sea.  My favorite things are the Bon Voyage and Pirate on board deck dance parties! 

My kids enjoyed the Edge so much that we had to pull them away every night to go to bed!  They did so many cool activities with the kids such as a scavenger hunt that brought them throughout the ship to solve puzzles and each puzzle told the kids where to go and what to do.  They played Gender Wars Boys vs Girls!  The girls had to answer questions about the boys and the boys had to answer questions about the girls!  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!  They also played "Who can make the worst drink", and the cast member had to drink it!  My kids team won that because they put hot chocolate, creamer, lemonade, water, and Dr Pepper together and it made the poor cast member gag!  They also had video game tournaments, make a pizza night, and matching games.  With every adventure there was a prize to be won! 

As parents who love our children and love to be with our children Disney has provided a wonderful tool called Wave phones.  You automatically have two that come with your stateroom but for a small fee you can add more to link together.  This provides communication between you and your children throughout the day and evening. As you're young cruisers meet other young ones on the ship they are able to use their Wave phones to communicate with one another.  Disney has definitely done their part to make sure that all young cruisers have an adventurous voyage!

So don't worry if your family will enjoy Disney Cruise and don't worry if they're too young or too old because Disney offers something for everyone!  When cruising with Disney everyone will have their own adventure and the memories you will make individually and as a family are limitless!  All that's left is for your family to pick the date of your "Bon Voyage"!  Happy Sailing and We'll see ya real soon on the open sea!
By Tamela Hansen


  1. Yet another reason why Disney Cruises are the perfect choice for everyone!

  2. I just know that my two kiddos would be absolutely over the moon with a Disney cruise. So much to do and see with the magic of Disney to make it complete. Sigh...someday...