Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You!

From the Disney Store to Legoland to Disney Hollywood Studios, The Force is Strong Today

"Good bye, old friend. May the Force be with you." Obi Wan Kenobi to his former Padawan Anakin Skywalker

 So just what is “The Force” that everyone speaks of? Obi-Wan Kenobi was known to use the phrase throughout his Jedi career.
"May the Force be with you" was a phrase used to wish luck or good will, generally when individuals parted ways or the object of the expression was facing some sort of imminent challenge. The phrase implied the speaker's wish that the power of The Force would be working alongside the addressee, in order that the addressee's goals would be more effectively accomplished.

From the Jedi, the phrase originated with the ancient Je’Dail Order as "May the Force go with you." Sometimes the phrase used was simply "The Force be with you."
"May the Force be with you" was known to be used as a formal "'Goodbye' and 'good luck'" among Jedi, and members of the Jedi High Council often recited it after assigning missions to their Jedi Knights After the Great Jedi Purge it was adopted, even among non-Jedi, as a means of conveying good luck and hope before a battle, as a show of the ongoing struggle against the Galactic Empire and admiration for the Jedi Order after their failed attempt to survive the corrupt Emperor’s power struggle.
Jedi Master Odie Wan Kenobi was known to have used a variation of this phrase, telling Luke Skywalker, "The Force will be with you. Always." shortly after joining with the Force, and shortly after Luke Skywalker successfully shot a pair of proton torpedoes into the exhaust port of the first Death Star destroying it completely.
So just how did this phrase from Star Wars become a national event? May 4 is often known as "Star Wars Day".  The phrase dates back to at least 1979 on the day Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first woman Prime Minister. Her party took out a newspaper ad in the London Evening News that said, "May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations."

To make sure the force is strong within you, from baseball to exhibits to celebrations at Legoland to the month long activities at Walt Disney World

Photo Disney Parks Blog
Hollywood Studios, check out some of the events that are happening across the country today and in the month
Can’t get to any of these-the Disney store has just what you’re looking for

This year, Disney Store is bringing the Force to Guests on May the 4th, the official Star Wars fan holiday.

Photo Disney Stores

At Disney Store locations nationwide, Guests will be introduced to the story and characters that started it all in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope with fun in-store activities, giveaways and promotions.
The first 100 Guests who visit a Disney Store location on Star Wars Day will receive a FREE Limited Edition Star Wars pin perfect for starting or adding to an existing collection.  

Kids ages 3 and up are invited to learn about the “Ways of the Force” where they can:
  Discover the Jedi Mind Trick and learn how Obi-Wan Kenobi uses it to serve the greater good
  Master a Lightsaber through hands-on training
  Help Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star through an interactive experience on the Media Wall
  Participate in a Medal of Bravery Ceremony
Disney Store will also release new exclusive Star Wars Merchandise to the current assortment of product, including talking action figures.

And now for a look at the upcoming Star Wars Rebels:

No matter where you are or how you celebrate, may the Fourth be With You today!


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    1. Ken I'm with you! My son was lucky enough to have one of the head Ewoks as his preschool teacher back in the day! Cannot wait to go to my first Star Wars Weekend in a few weeks!