Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Only Think You Know the Fairy Tale-Disney's Maleficent

“Let us tell you an old story anew and see how well you know it” and so the newly released, much anticipated live action version of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent begins.  

Everybody knows the story of Aurora, the sweet fairy tale princess cursed by an “evil” fairy that with the prick of a finger on her 16th

birthday fell into a deep, deep sleep that could only be undone from a true love’s kiss, but how many know the real story of the much-maligned Maleficent? Now playing in theaters everywhere, Walt Disney Motion Pictures does what Disney does best-bring the iconic animated story to life and at the same time put a fresh and unexpected twist to the tale. Starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, Jolie’s portrayal of the much-heralded villain Maleficent
 is so spot on that to see her in all of her deliciously and delectably evil self, (or is she) is worth the price of admission all on its own. With the glance of an eye, the raising of one eyebrow or the delivery of the simplest of words, Jolie totally says more with a single look than any hundreds of pages of scripted dialogue could ever do. Add in the brilliance of Stefan, played as an adult by South African actor Sharito Copley who shows us just what greed and lust for
power can do and counter that with the sweetness and pure joy that Elle Fanning brings to the screen from the moment she appears as the beloved Aurora and you have you know you quickly realize that you are about to be a part of something very special. Combine this with amazing but not overdone special effects throughout the movie and the comedic genius of Imelda Staunton
as Knotgrass, Juno Temple as Thistlewit and Lesley Manville as Flittle, the pixies in charged with keeping young Aurora safe until her 16th birthday
(think 3 Stooges) and you have movie magic at its best.  Without divulging too much of this enchanted tale, Maleficent explores the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic Sleeping Beauty and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent cruelly places an irrevocable curse upon the human king’s newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Aurora is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever.  We all know that somewhere, somehow “ Evil has a beginning” but now it’s up to you to see how well you really know the fairy tale. After all, visions are seldom what they seem. See for yourself this weekend-Disney’s Maleficent now playing in theaters everywhere.

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  1. I have not had the chance to see Maleficent yet, but really want to. Disney just does everything better!