Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gearing Up to "Meet the Mouse- It's Magic Band Time


While gearing up to meet the MOUSE, make sure you accessorize! Aside from our family MICKEY shirts from the Disney store, we made our own family shirts.   Nothing says "stick together" like  everyone wearing matching Mickey's!  We created tie dye shirts using white t-shirts, elastics, and navy blue tie dye powder.  First you make a large circle and put an elastic on it.  Then create two smaller circles with elastics.   The more Mickey's the better.  After dying the shirts and removing the elastics - presto!  You can even do this with white socks! 
Aside from choosing the colors (um, why no purple?), you can also accessorize your Magic Bands!  We received a pack of Magic Bandits to use on our bands.  Although we have yet to try them, Minnie is waiting to hop on my wrist!  That is until I see an Olaf one!  T-shirt tip: Wait to tell your husband about all the matching clothing until packing day when he sees multiple shirts!  Once he gets to the magical world of Disney he will be so happy, he will wear anything!

                                                                    Ready for the trip!

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