Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A "Hidden Gem" at Disney's Hollywood Studios - The Magic of Disney Animation by Cheryl Giardi

And I thought I had seen it all!  Last year at the Silva annual Christmas party while I was heading for my sister in laws nine layer nacho dip, I stumbled upon some new art work in her living room!  There were  four framed drawings of Pluto.  I asked her where she made them.  To my astonishment she said "Hollywood Studios - I thought you were the Disney expert"?   How had I missed this attraction after 20 plus visits?  The Disney guidebooks, the brochures, all the web searches and I had never been a part of this?  I started to tremble, I broke out in a sweat and did what any mousejunkie would immediately do, I began my quest to research to find our more about this attraction!  
A "hidden gem" it is!

First of all  - location? The Magic of Disney Animation  is located in the area by The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and next to Disney Junior - Live on Stage!  It is an attraction/art class that will teach you how animators draw the Disney characters.  I'll take you through it! 

When you walk into the area there will probably be a wait.  Don't worry have one person wait in line and go explore the art work that is around.  Also when we were there, both times there were several character meet and greets in the same building - so we hung out with the Incredibles!  During the pre-show you will watch a small screen of characters being drawn and the audience is usually trying to guess!  Hopefully you will get the cast members that we had that hosted sing along time with our favorite Disney songs!  In the pre-show area there will be  about 40 future animators waiting for their big break.  Then the doors will open.  GASP!  You will enter an art studio:

Okay it's not really that dark I forgot about the flash!  You will scoot down a row and get yourself ready for art class!  Each desk area has a piece of paper and a set of pencils without erasers!  

Now you're almost ready.

Next  you will meet your Disney animator/host who will dazzle you with their talents!  They will pick a Disney character and guide you through the process of drawing it. Animators do not use erasers that is someone else's job to "clean up" their drawings.  The class is about 20 minutes and moves rather quickly.  There were a few small child meltdowns including my own!

Our chosen character was OLAF!  Obviously someone saw me coming and chose one of my favorites.  Or they saw my boys coming in and quickly made the change from princess to snowman!
Here are our masterpieces!
 Here's mine!  Next time I am sneaking in an eraser!

The class was awesome and on our way out we headed to the gift shop (what else would you do after a Disney attraction?) and we purchased one of the drawing books to use at home!  We did go back again and participated and this time we drew Minnie - what luck another one of my favorites and I told my son just to draw whatever he wanted rather than getting frustrated trying to follow the quick directions!

  Seriously, how cute is that?

Next year we will host the Christmas party at our house.  I'll make the nine layer dip. And when someone comments on our art work on the wall I will be sure to tell them all about this hidden gem at Disney's Hollywood Studios - The Art of Animation!

Doesn't it make you "wanna build a snowman"?


  1. So many great things to be a part of there! I wish I could bring it all to my Kindergarten Class!

  2. Great post! I will absolutely take my kids next time I'm there! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'll definitely do this on our next trip, great info Cheryl!

  4. I've heard about this and even thought of giving it a go, but I can't draw to save my life. You made it look easy and fun! I think I might try to set off on a new adventure!