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Creating Food Memories- What Bite Takes You Home #TheHundredFootJourney

“If you have a spice use it.  Don’t sprinkle it on top- pour it and mix it in.”

Welcome to The Hundred Foot Journey, the delectable story that leaves you with food for thought long after the movie comes to a close and you’ve had adequate time to push back from the table, to take some time to digest this delicious feast for the heart and soul. Who doesn’t love getting lost in a good movie? Just like a 5 star meal, when all the perfect ingredients are brought together and blended in just the right way, when cooked correctly it transports you back to a time and place when life was served up in perfect proportions.  DreamWorks The Hundred Foot Journey is one of those movies.  With plenty of food for thought, suddenly I was 5 years old again, at my aunt’s house at Thanksgiving with the hustle and bustle that only family gatherings of 100 relatives and great food can bring.  With the smells emanating from the kitchen, the sneaking and sampling of food that sticks to your soul because they were mixed with love, and the sounds of the laughter, with a light smattering of bickering of a family once again reunited I was back at the little kid’s table longing to make the move to the table where all the real action was taking place.   Food is memories.” The days of those Thanksgiving’s may be long going, but just like a great meal, the memories will live on forever.

“Sometimes brakes break for a reason"

In The Hundred-Foot Journey, Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) is a culinary ingĂ©nue with the gastronomic equivalent of perfect pitch. Displaced from their native India, the Kadam family, led by Papa (Om Puri), settles in the quaint village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. Filled with charm, it is both picturesque and elegant – the ideal place to settle down and open an Indian restaurant, Maison Mumbai. That is, until the chilly chef proprietress of Le Saule Pleureur, a Michelin-starred, classical French restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Academy Award®-winner Helen Mirren) gets wind of it. 

Her icy protests against the new Indian restaurant a hundred feet from her own escalate into a heated battle between the two establishments until Hassan’s passion for French haute cuisine — and for Madame Mallory’s enchanting sous chef, Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon) — combine with his mysteriously- delicious talent to weave magic between their two cultures and imbue Saint-Antonin with the flavors of life that even Madame Mallory cannot ignore. 

At first Madame Mallory's culinary rival, she eventually recognizes Hassan's gift as a chef and takes him under her wing.
“The Hundred-Foot Journey” abounds with flavors that burst across the tongue. A stimulating triumph over exile, blossoming with passion and heart, it is a portrayal of two worlds colliding and one young man’s drive to find the comfort of home, in every pot, wherever he may be.

What Bite Takes You Home?”

Food Network Star Chef Bal Arneson was inspired to create these dishes in honor of the movie.  To save any of them so you can try each of these burst of flavors right in your own kitchen, simply right click the recipe and save it to your computer.  Bon Appetit- Now let the cooking begin!

“Every hundred-foot journey is like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” shared producer Oprah Winfrey. “It’s never any further than your own backyard. And food can bring back a fondness or a feeling of being nurtured, supported and loved. Every bite makes you think of being loved and every bite takes you home.”  What bite takes you home?
Check out these fun links when our team got together to share our favorite food memories:

Be sure to see “The Hundred Foot Journey” now playing in theaters everywhere this weekend and then let us know, what bite takes you home.

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