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#Disneyland60.....Today In Disneyland History.....August 15, 1999

The Disney Wonder Set Sail
How You Can Set Sail In Disneyland
August 15, 1999

On August 15, 1999, passengers boarded Disney's newest ship the Disney Wonder as it embarked on its maiden voyage for a a four-night Bahamian cruise and although Disneyland is not one of the ports of call for the Wonder, guests to the Disneyland Resort can set sail on a variety of aquatic adventures.

The Storybook Land Canal Boats located in the heart of Fantasyland invite guests to hop on board your own 12-person boat for a gentle cruise through Storybook Land. As your voyage starts through the mouth of Monstro the Whale you will travel to a magical world of memorable Disney animated movie locales all created in miniature. The handcrafted mini models use a scale of one inch to one foot and are as painstakingly detailed as full-sized structures. The doors of many of the buildings actually open for added effect!  Storybook Land Canal Boats features intricately replicated houses, villages and palaces—complete with imaginative landscaping, charming music and special lighting effects. A live tour guide will tell you the story of each scenic environment.

"It’s a small world" Get ready to embark on "the happiest cruise that ever sailed"! Tour delightful scenes from around the globe, meet fantastical friends and sing along with a cherished Disney melody set to a message of hope.  The ride features over 300 brightly costumed audio-animatronic dolls in the style of children of the world, frolicking in a spirit of international unity and singing the attraction's title song, which has a theme of global peace.  Situated at the end of Fantasyland, the iconic façade invites you to come along and set sail on a nearly 15-minute intercontinental expedition around the Seven Seaways canal.  Your boat will take you past the lush animal-shaped topiaries into the most harmonious place in Disneyland Park. Be sure not to miss the out attraction's kinetic façade, complete with spinning flowers, whirligigs and icons depicting famous world landmarks. The highlight is the animated 30-foot-tall clock tower. Watch as every 15 minutes the clock tower opens up to display a multinational parade of 24 animated figures. Once the procession ends, 2 toy jesters appear and herald the current time.  At holiday time, the voyage is transformed into a magical journey that embraces the holiday festivities and goodwill around the globe.  Can you spot the 30 hidden Disney and Pixar characters that are along sea going voyage?

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Located under the Monorail Station in Tomorrowland Disneyland guests are invited to immerse themselves in the world of Disney·Pixar's Finding Nemo, as they hop on board the yellow research submarine of the Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation Institute (N.E.M.O.). After descending the circular staircase into their waiting sub, sailors take their place at one of the portholes as they prepare to dive down into the depths as the ocean. Voyagers are entertained by the underwater curiosities as their submarine dives fathoms beneath the surface in order to further explore a newly erupting undersea volcano!  Along the way be on the look out for the scattered ruins of an ancient civilization that rest on the floor of a lush kelp forest, recently uncovered by the volcanic explosions. Watch deep sea divers as they search for diverse exotic fish but be warned, these waters have been known to be tricky to navigate and your sub my need to dive down further to avoid a coming sea storm.  Although the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is currently undergoing a magical transformation, the subs will be resurfacing before the end of 2014 in plenty of time for the 2016 release of the in-production sequel, Finding Dory.

The Mark Twain Riverboat No trip to Disneyland is complete without a ride aboard the Mark Twain one of the remaining original Disneyland attractions from 1955.  Located in Frontierland nothing is better than going back in time and cruising along the scenic Rivers of America.  Sit back as you enjoy a leisurely 14-minute journey along the scenic half-mile adventure into the wilds of old America aboard a steam-powered paddler. Board the 19th-century-inspired Mark Twain riverboat nestled in the heart of Frontierland and embark on a relaxing sightseeing voyage around Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.  Along the way, travelers are treated to lively narration by iconic American author Mark Twain as he details a time when traveling was as much about new discoveries as it was about transportation.  The only thing better than riding aboard the Mark Twain is to be able to captain the Mark Twain.  Disneyland insiders all know that you too can be the Captain of the Mark Twain merely by asking but warning, once you’ve been the pilot of this magnificent vessel, you’ll never want to travel any other way. So just how does one pilot the Mark Twain for this half-mile excursion? Upon arriving at the dock, which also houses the Sailing Ship Columbia, locate a Cast Member before you board to inquire about availability for this once in a lifetime experience.

Sailing Ship Columbia Boldly set sail into the wilderness on a full-scale replica of a majestic 3-masted ship from the 18th century located in Frontierland at the same dock as the Mark Twain. Step on board this 110-foot-long, fully rigged Columbia and feel the wind and sun upon your face. Once on board you’ll be able to marvel at the towering 84-foot mainmast or inspect the merchant ship's 10 cannons and 2 deck-mounted swivel guns—necessary to repel the attacks of ruthless pirates.  Below the main deck you'll find historical displays recreating the living conditions of 18th-century sailors. The maritime museum celebrates the dedication and sacrifice of the brave explorers who filled in the final details of the world's map.  Like The Mark Twain, the Sailing Ship Columbia also follows the waters of the Rivers of America for this leisurely 15 minute, ½ mile voyage back in time.  

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes Looking for the perfect way to work off that Dole Whip? Paddle along the Rivers of America for a grand sightseeing adventure around Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island on Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes.  Here you and your fellow paddlers will travel back to a time when water was the fastest mode of transportation. Named after the legendary frontiersman, these boats invite you to embark on a fun-filled expedition where exciting new discoveries await you around every river bend.  The 20-passenger vessels are real, free-floating canoes; there is no motor and no track. Modeled after the boats that early Native American and European explorers used to traverse the real rivers of America, these 35-foot-long canoes are powered entirely by paddles. Luckily for you, no previous experience is necessary for this action filled boating adventure. 
Before embarking on your expedition, rest assured that you will be given a short lesson on how to paddle the canoe. For added safety, small children will be required to wear life jackets. This authentic attraction operates seasonally may close due to inclement weather and is only open during certain times of day. If paddling around the Rivers of America is a priority, head over to Critter Country across from the Haunted Mansion before earlier in the day and enjoy your voyage from a totally unique vantage point.

The World Famous Jungle Cruise Depart civilization from a forgotten Victorian loading dock. Crossing continents and oceans, you'll explore exciting rivers around the world — including the Amazon of South America, the Nile of Africa, the Irrawaddy of Southeast Asia and the Ganges of India. The Jungle Cruise was one of the opening day attractions when Disneyland Park debuted on July 17, 1955. In fact, Jungle Cruise was one of the earliest attractions built, as Walt Disney wanted to make sure that the foliage had time to take root and flourish. The ride was originally envisioned with a more serious and educational tone but Walt quickly decided to bring in a little humor and asked one of his most accomplished animators, Marc Davis, to sketch some humorous gags. The results were incorporated into the attraction starting in 1962. In today’s version, your exotic voyage takes place on board a trusty tramp steamer for this personally guided tour of jungles from around the world, brimming with exotic animals and lush tropical foliage– and if you don’t believe me, you’re in de-Nile.  Keep an eye out for potential perils — and stunning beauty — as your daring skipper navigates untamed waters with a skilled hand, a brave heart and a clever joke. Experience up-close encounters with animals both beautiful and savage. Discover giant butterflies, growling tigers, hissing king cobras, snapping crocodiles, majestic elephants, mischievous gorillas, proud lions and angry hippos. Along the way you’ll meet Trader Sam who as luck would have it is having a special today two of his heads for one of yours. No trip through the jungle however is complete without encountering the eighth wonder of the world, The Back Side of Water. Welcome aboard The World Famous Jungle Cruise.

Pirates of the Caribbean  “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Pirates of the Caribbean, located in the heart of New Orleans Square, was originally conceived as a wax museum and a walk-through adventure. But following the success of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers decided that Audio-Animatronics—Walt’s latest animation technology—was the most imaginative way to tell a rousing pirate story. It was also was the last attraction in which Walt Disney himself participated in designing opening on March 18, 1967, three months after his death Now pirates young and old are welcomed aboard as they set forth on a swashbuckling voyage as they are transported back to the days when pirates and privateers wrought havoc on the high seas. Discover a pirate's curse, the plundering of a Caribbean village and the elusive exploits of Captain Jack Sparrow!  Pirates of the Caribbean is considered by many to be one of the most spectacular attractions ever created for a theme park. What say you me hearty- is it a pirate life you seek?

Whichever cruise you set sail on, it’s easy to see that Disneyland has something for every sailor’s taste, whether through the land where stories are told, on board the happiest ship to ever sail, under the sea, around the Rivers of America or underneath the back side of water. Now all that’s left to decide is where will you begin your voyage?  And that’s what happened today in Disneyland history. 

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