Sunday, August 3, 2014

#Disneyland60.....Today In Disneyland History.....August 3, 1960

10 Millionth Passenger Rides Disneyland Railroad
August 3, 1960

On August 3, 1960, eight-year-old Raymond Sleeper from Hawaii became the 10-millionth passenger to ride the Disneyland Railroad.  He however didn’t take his historic ride alone but with another very special passenger rode with him- Walt Disney himself!
The Disneyland Railroad, one of the original attractions to be a part of Disneyland since opening day July 17, 1955, was inspired by Walt Disney's love for trains and his live steam backyard Carolwood Pacific Railroad, a love he shared with Disney animators Ward Kimball and Ollie Johnston. The train originally consisted solely of custom-built, five-eighths-scale equipment. The Walt Disney Company constructed the original two locomotives in its own workshops under the supervision of Roger E. Broggie. Patterned after the Lilly Belle, a miniature steam locomotive Broggie had made for Walt's backyard Carolwood Pacific Railroad, these were also models of classic "Wild West"-style American 4-4-0s, but built to a larger five-eighths scale.  The Disneyland Railroad remains one of Disneyland's most popular attractions as riders can use it as transportation to other areas of the park or to simply ride the trains on the so-called "grand circle tour." Unlike the Disneyland Monorail System, which requires riders to disembark at the Tomorrowland station, passengers on the railroad can remain on the trains for as long as they wish. The railroad is, in fact, the first thing visitors see upon entering Disneyland via the main entrance.

Today guest can embark on a relaxing 18-minute, 1.2-mile scenic tour onboard the authentic steam-powered train. Offering convenient stops at New Orleans Square, Tomorrowland, Mickey’s Toontown and Main Street, U.S.A., it's the perfect way to preview the magic at Disneyland Park and take in the picturesque scenery.  For an extra special ride, ask to ride either up front with the engineer in the tender car, or in the Presidential VIP Train Car,The Lilly Belle. All Aboard!  And that’s what happened today in Disneyland’s history.

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