Monday, August 4, 2014

Today In Disneyland History......August 4, 2002

 Soundsation Pin Pursuit

 August 4, 2002

On August 4, 2002, avid pin collectors  were invited to “Get caught up” in the Disneyland Soundsation Pin Event which was a part of  the Pin Mania Weekend, as the DisneylandResort hosted a series of pin events & activities to celebrate the worldwide launch of Disney Pin Trading. Beginning at Park opening, pin enthusiasts picked up their Soundsation Pin Maps at the Main Street Fire Station, Main Street, U.S.A.  From there, the hunt was on as avid pin collectors and traders were off on their quest. Pin hunters would be challenged to “Hear the sounds of a steam train whistle, a fire engine bell, or the countdown of a rocketship.” With the help of a map, sound-seekers  were guided to four different locations in the Park, in which their map was stamped to verify that they had successfully solved that particular sound clue. Stamp locations  remained open from Park Opening to Park Closing. Once guests visited all four stamp locations, their last stop was  the Premiere Shop, Tomorrowland to receive a commemorative event pin. 

In addition to this coveted Limited Edition pin, Guests who participated in the Disneyland Soundsation Pin Event had the opportunity to purchase six limited-edition sound pins. These pins include: Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, It's a Small World, Main Street Fire Engine, the Disneyland Railroad Steam Train and Town Square. The "sound" pins were limited to an edition size of 2500 each and were offered for $12.50 each, plus tax at designated "sound locations" throughout the Park.  In addition to the Soundsational Pin Pursuit,  Disneyland park goers were also invited to be a part of the official introduction of Disneyland Pin Trading. 

"Tricks of the Trade"
Look for a lanyard, wear a grin
Ask about trading a pin for a pin
If you both agree, then make your trade
That's how our pin trading game is played!
Trade more than one for twice the fun!
Share stories and pins till your day is done!
Join in the fun & excitement of
Disney Pin Trading
during this special worldwide celebration!
We hope to see you there!

Today Disney Pin Trading remains an exciting, interactive experience where Disney Guests can trade Disney pins with each other or with Disney Cast Members . It's fun for the whole family and creates cherished memories to last a lifetime!  And that’s what happened in  Disneyland history today.


  1. August 4 is our anniversary! Now I can tell people what happened on that day at Disneyland, thanks!

    1. I'll bet we can find you a Happy Anniversary PIn to help you celebrate!