Thursday, August 7, 2014

#Disneyland60.....Today in DIsneyland History......August 7, 1964

Astro Jets Renamed Tomorrowland Jets
August 7, 1964

On August 7, 1964 The Astro Jets at Disneyland become known as the Tomorrowland Jets.  First opened in 1956, the Astro Jets was the first rocket-spinner attraction at the park. As the story goes the in 1964, United Airlines (then the new sponsor for “The Enchanted Tiki Room”) disputed the name “Astro Jets” was free advertising for American Airlines’ coast-to-coast jet-airline service. To appease United, and because Disney wanted to avoid an implied association with their company.the name was changed to Tomorrowland Jets. The attraction closed September of 1966 to make room for the new Tomorrowland, when the Tomorowland Jets would reopen in August 1967 as the Rocket Jets. The new, improved version was located on top of another brand new attraction, the PeopleMover platform and was accessible from ground level via an elevator. The focal point was its replica Saturn V/NASA-themed rocket in the center. Rocket Jets lifted guests 70' above ground. This version remained open until 1997, when it closed for renovations with the rest of Tomorrowland. 

The new form of the attraction opened one year later as Astro Orbitor. The Astro Orbitor was planned to be placed where the Rocket Jets were, but weighed too much for the current building. Instead, it was moved to the Tomorrowland entrance and placed on ground level, making the ride the new focal point as guests step from the Main Street Plaza of Disneyland into Tomorrowland. The top Rocket Jets mechanism was dismantled and a kinetic satellite-themed sculpture known as Observatron was built out of the ride’s skeletal structure.  And that’s what happened today in Disneyland’s history.


  1. Seems like Tomorrowland might have been more interesting 30 or 40 years ago. All the old rides sound fascinating!

    1. Stay tuned for the newest reincarnations of Tommorowland when Star Wars comes to Disneyland