Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guest Author Sunday-Tamela Hansen

Guest Author Sunday

Tamela Hansen

This week Tamela is back to talk about the wonderful choice in where to stay when planning your trip to the WDW Resorts! 

Hi this is Tamela Hansen from Alabama. I am back with a frequently asked question "Why do you keep going back to Walt Disney World? ". My answer to this question is always "It is the Happiest Place on Earth to make Special Memories! " At Walt Disney World if you can dream it you can do it! This is so true when you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney Resorts come in all destinations, stories, cultures, adventures and escapes. If you want to feel as if you are living on a tropical island you can do it! If you want to explore the African savannah you can do it! If you want to live in a storybook you can do it! If you desire to camp and explore by horseback or have a golf cart all week as your personal transportation you can do it! The Resort at Walt Disney World are more than just a place to sleep they are a home away from home!

The Value Resorts have so many special memories waiting to happen. The rooms are full of Disney details that bring the storybook experience to life. The pools offer not only amazing water features but pool side games are fun for all. Scavenger hunts around the pool provide great special memories. I love to share personal special memories so I have a funny one for you. My son was searching for a painting in a scavenger hunt around the pool. Everyone was sent out to find a sock with a hole in it. So my send again searching the pool area for people wearing socks, he approached a gentlemen and ask him if he could borrow his sock. The man could not speak English so my son began some type of sign language to explain to the man that he needed his sock. Somehow the man figured out what my son was asking for and he gave him his sock. When my son brought the sock to the cast member in charge of the game she replied in the microphone " I need a sock with a hole in it". My son said " it does the whole is where you put your foot in". The pool erupted with laughter and the man that could not speak English somehow understood the humor!

The Moderate Resorts will wisp you away to a relaxing destination for special memories. The rooms offer subtle Disney details and the grounds are a beautiful place to make special photo memories. The rabbits, squirrels, butterflies, and frogs all make the experience even more outstanding. The pools also offer water slides and just like the Value Resort they have scheduled movies at night. You can enjoy biking on a bicycle for four or more, taking a horse and buggy ride or maybe even a boat ride. Most moderate resorts offer entertainment at your resort on special night. My family enjoys Bob Jackson at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. We have had so many special memories with Bob that he is now always a must do on our list when we visit Walt Disney World!

All Deluxe Resorts completely transform you out of the idea of a hotel they are all over the top! The rooms are relaxing with the same settle Disney touches. There are hundreds of places at each resort that make the perfect backdrop for any family portrait. The pools offer special memories from your child facial expressions when he or she put their feet in a sand bottom pool, float around a lazy river or enjoy a roller coaster or volcano slide. The pools are so special for adults to relax and children to have a blast. Every Deluxe Resort offers a unique special entertainment experience. Some get you close to the fireworks at the parks others give you a picture perfect view of the electric water parade and you can also enjoy the experience of waking up to live animals outside your room. Many give you cultural experiences such as stories, music, art, and traditions. The activities that these resorts offer are amazing and if you want to spend the evening with your significant other there are amazing getaways for your children! Yes your children! Of course I have a personal special memory for that! My husband and I decided to spend a few hours together one evening and brought the kids to the Neverland Club. We enjoyed some wine, shopping and a few hours together. We were concerned that we may have been gone to long and it was time to get back to get the kids, kind of worried that maybe they were not having as much fun as we were, boy were we wrong! As we arrive there to pick them up they said "you just left"! For the rest of the trip even while riding their favorite ride they continue to ask "can we go back to the Neverland Club!".

So as you can see Walt Disney World Resorts offer so many special memories to be made. They are so enjoyable at any age and with the transportation to the park they offer a convenience above nothing else. If you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort you WILL make Special Memories!


  1. Thanks Tamela! I always learn new things from your articles!

  2. Great idea for an article Tamela! I enjoyed hearing about each category and why each is special to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your personal memories!

  3. Tamela thank you for joining us again and your wonderful insite!!