Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy "Disney" Valentine's Day

The Disney Gal's want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and
thought we would share some Disney love.

Disney Gal Judy:

When I think of Disney love I think of Marc and Alice Davis, both of whom worked for Walt Disney.  Alice attended Chouinard Art Institute in 1947 where she met her future husband Marc, who was an instructor there for more then 17 years.  Marc one day called Alice because Disney needed a costume designed for the Briar Rose character in Sleeping Beauty for some live-actions footage being filmed as reference . Walt ended up hiring Alice and they both directly work with and for Walt Disney.  They were married in June 1956 and they were married for 44 years until Marc's death in 2000.  Both are also Disney Legends!

We also had the pleasure of having dinner with Alice and she is a wonderful women and many story's to tell about Walt and the Disney company.

Disney Gal Kelly:

When I think of Disney love, I think of Walt and Lillian. Together through good times and bad for 41 wonderful years. The photos show exactly what Lillian was saying as she reflected on her marriage to Walt;

"We shared a wonderful, exciting life, and we loved every minute of it. He was a wonderful husband to me, and wonderful and joyful father and grandfather."

Your turn. What comes to mind when you think of  Disney Love?