Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest Author Sunday-Krista Joy

Guest Author Sunday

Krista Joy

Disney Gals are excited to welcome a new Guest Author-Krista Joy of  Please join us as Krista takes us behind the scenes of China at Epcot. Welcome Krista! We are so excited to have you as this week's Honorary Gal

One of Epcot's Best Kept Secrets!  - submitted by Krista from

What comes to mind when you think of the gorgeous China Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase?

Sure, China has lots to offer. The pavilion is decorated with serene ponds, crossed by fantastic bridges, and is dominated by a replica of the Temple of Heaven. Here you will also find Reflections of China, a Circle-Vision 360° movie - and there is a museum containing several ancient Chinese artifacts. You don't see that every day.
China's Nine Dragons is one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of World Showcase, and the Lotus Blossom Cafe has some of the best orange chicken in town. Shopping at Good Fortune Gifts and House of Good Fortune is a wonderful air-conditioned past time in the hot Florida summers.

Agent P World Showcase Adventure? Check. Dragon Legend Acrobats? Yep - China has those too - and what visit to China would be complete without actually meeting Mulan and Mushu? Speaking of Mulan, did you know Epcot's China Pavilion served as a backdrop for the music video "Reflection," performed by Christina Aguilera? You may recall that "Reflection" was from Mulan's 1998 film - and nobody knew who Christina Aguilera was back then.

It's not new - it's just that the The Lucky Combo has been hiding from me
(in plain sight).

For just $9.98, The Lucky Combo includes a Chinese BBQ Pork Bun, a Curry Chicken Pocket and an Egg Roll with your choice of a canned soft drink and a pretty generous serving of ice cream.
No...for real...this is an actual thing.
I had to take a picture because I couldn't believe my own eyes. 

The extra ice cream you see pictured here belonged to my dining companion. We got one of each option - Strawberry Red Bean and Caramel Ginger.

Trust me - you need to try them BOTH.
But wait - there's more!

Tea here comes in all forms – hot, iced, spiked or slushie -  and it is the only location in Epcot that carries real brewed tea instead of pre-made tea beverages. 

Not a fan of hot tea? Here's another little secret:
The extremely friendly cast members that staff this location will gladly provide you a cup of ice to make your own iced version. They will also offer you a tasting of any (non-spiked) beverage, if you want to try before you buy.

Even though it's hard for me to look past the Lucky Combo, here are more details on the menu, in case you want to plan ahead:
Sweetened Iced Teas: Peach Oolong and Mango Green (both $4.25 or one snack credit)
Hot Teas: Ginseng Oolong, Jasmine, Dragon Well, Green (all $3.19 or one snack credit)
Soft Drinks: Soda ($1.59 or one snack credit); Bottled Water ($2.50 or one snack credit)
Alcoholic Beverages: Mango Gingerita w/vodka and rum ($7.50); Canto Loopy w/vodka and cantaloupe juice ($7.50); Peach Snap w/Schnapps ($7.50); Green Tea Plum Slush w/plum wine ($7.50); Tsing Tao Beer and Tsing Tao Pure Draft Beer (both $5.75); Plum Wine ($4.99); Tipsy Ducks in Love ($850 or non-alcoholic $5.50)
Ice Cream: Strawberry Red Bean or Caramel Ginger (both $3.25 or one snack credit)
Snacks: Chinese BBQ Pork Buns ($4.50); Curry Chicken Pockets ($3.99 or one snack credit); Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls ($3.99 or one snack credit)

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree that the Lucky Combo might be one of Epcot's best kept secrets?


  1. Wow Krista!! I love these tips! I definitely need to spend a little more time in the China pavilion. The Lucky Combo is now on my list :)

  2. Krista such great information here!I wish they had this out here at Disneyland!

  3. Krista, thank you for sharing these tips, my parents love hanging out in China has they have visited there, I will have to tell them to read this!!