Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Memories - Heather

"Monday Memories"

We have started a new weekly post called "Monday Memories". Each week a Gal will share their favorite Disney memories, whether they happened at one of the parks, hotels or possibly not at Disney, but could still be a "Disney" memory.  We hope you enjoy our "Monday Memories" and invite you to share yours with us.


One of my more recent favorites was my son's first trip to Disney World.  He was just 9 months old but we all really had the time of our lives!  He was so happy.  He really enjoyed meeting all of the characters and really hammed it up for them!  He was actually the kid that cried because the characters walked away!

My most favorite memory from this trip however was John's first haircut.  We made advance reservations at the Harmony Barbershop on Main St. USA.  It was such a magical experience right from the start.  Beverlene made his first haircut a breeze!  He sat like a prince and enjoyed playing with his Mickey stickers while she snipped away.  Just like any mom; my eyes welled up with tears when she took that first locket of hair, but she caught the first piece and wrapped it up in a special package for this proud momma to take home.  The whole haircut was complete in under 10 minutes but watching this milestone made me reflect on the last and quick first 9 months of my first child's life.  There was no other first haircut experience that could have matched this.  Where else can you go to have your child's first haircut than on Main St. USA?!  Beverlene was more than happy to pose for pictures with John and also take pictures of the whole family!  When the haircut was complete John received a set of Mickey ears and embroidered on the back was "My First Haircut!"  He also was given a first haircut certificate along with that precious locket of hair.  I will never forget this milestone in his life.  Disney...thank you once again for making memories and dreams come true!
John meeting Beverlene for the first time!

Oh no here it goes the first cut!

The completed masterpiece!

My favorite photo!
Heather is a Disney Gal who loves the chocolate smell of Pop Century in the morning, dreams of being Snow White in a parade, and happily skips down the middle of Main Street USA while wearing Mickey Ears!


  1. this memory! Look at that face in the last picture!! And I love that he's covered in Mickey stickers. LOL

  2. What a lovely memory, so special Heather! I have to say though I love that pic of John with Beverline! He is just so happy and so darn cute!