Sunday, September 15, 2013

Honorary Gal Dawn is Back to Talk Dooney and Bourke

Disney Gals are thrilled to welcome back our very own Destinations in Florida Travel Agent and Honorary Gal Dawn talking about something that will surely make your hearts a flutter!

Disney Dooney & Me

You know how pregnant people have a “glow” about them; I also have that glow but NOT for the same reason (thank goodness). I have it when shopping for my next Disney Dooney & Bourke purse. Make it your new Disney tradition; I’m sure your hubby would love me, more like blame me for your new found addiction.

 As a mother, I always give, give, give, you know the feeling “Gals!” Times are a changing and I want a return on my investment, I don’t need to hear thank you anymore, I don’t need a high five either, what I need and gotta have is my FIX. No, I don’t smoke, do drugs or alcohol (maybe a little alcohol) I have very little vices, except my obsession with Disney Dooney’s & a wee bit of Moscato, lol!
Oh dear, how giddy I get when a trip is here and my soon to be purse is near. There are four stages of happiness and I feel them all;

·             Anticipation     

Anticipation about which purse to purchase, what size or color, and placement of Walt or Cindy’s Castle are paramount when making this big decision.

I Savor the moment as I experience it, in front of all the Dooney & Bourke’s and their magical glory (angels are singing “ahhhhh”or is that “It’s a Small World” I hear, haha)  The kids are stashed away with my hubby somewhere-anywhere, at this moment I don’t really care. Giving me quality time with my other babies, to explore all my options and make my magical purchase.
I Express my happiness to myself or to others, really whoever is around and has mouseEARS. I’ve been known to dance, chEAR, and scream at times, scaring all that come to this happy place, all for the love of my Disney Dooney.

I Reflect on my happy memory- when my trip is over and I’m at home give, give, giving again, you know “Gals” the car-pool line at school, cleaning the toilets, cooking family dinners. All while saving/dreaming of another fantastical Dooney & Bourke on our next Disney trip, then the entire process begins anew, WOOT WOOT!


Traveling with my Dooney, it takes center stage.

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  1. I hear ya loud and clear Dawn! I was so excited to get the cruise exclusive Dooney on the Dream. Hey Commodore Tom, can you take a picture with my new bag? I don't have to be in it. Lol

    I have one other tiny stage, guilt, but that only lasts a few minutes. Gosh, this bag costs the same as a week of tuition...but I haven't bought myself a new outfit since 2005. Bag wins, buh-bye guilt :)

  2. I feel the same way, it took two days and 5 stores to buy the last one and my husband kept saying just buy the purse. Now I really "need" the Haunted Mansion one!

  3. Kelly, That's funny Commodore Tom---please take a pic of my bag, lol!I never feel quilty, I've earned my purse 3 folds+, as mama's we do it all, & I'm only getting a portion of what I deserve!Oh-Kelly, please go get you some new clothes girl, lol!

    Judy, it definitely takes quality time to find just the right one. Judy-I also want the Haunted Mansion one, but I think I'll get the runDisney Dooney first.....

  4. Love you guys and love your site - I nominated you for a "Shine On" Award - here's the info:

    1. Janice we are honored to be a part of the magic with you!

  5. Great post Dawn and you have described my obsession to a T! So many Doonies, so little money :-(