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Kid's Korner-Continuing the Fun of Summer Camp

Summer is a memory, School Is In Session

Welcome to Kid's Korner

Special Thanks to my fabulous teaching partner Amanda for loaning me her daughter Cynthia
It’s that time of year. Long carefree hot summer nights have been traded in for evenings filled with soccer, dance lessons and homework. Lazy days of enjoying doing absolutely nothing are replaced with early to bed and early to rise. But just because summer is gone, does not mean you have to give up those precious moments with your children laughing, giggling and just having fun. Creativity is alive and well and although we are now leaving Summer Camp behind, it’s time to transition into to Kid’s Korner.

Like Summer Camp, Kid’s Korner will be filled with free or almost free activities with items readily available in your own home and are perfect to do with the entire family. Because time is at a premium for most families, Kid’s Korner Activities will be shorter in nature as well as combining ideas that can easily be incorporated into school and holiday themes without giving up any of the fun. Many of our Kid’s Korner activities will come straight from my Kindergarten classroom including this quick and easy to do fun fall project. Total time for today’s entire activity-under 20 minutes, excluding drying time. Everyone has 20 minutes to spare and think of the memories you will be creating with your child. Let’s get started!

   Today in my class, as part of our units on colors and plants, we created Fall Leaves using “bleeding” tissue paper. Not sure what bleeding tissue paper is? It’s simply tissue paper whose colors bleed through when combined with a liquid such as water. The effect is an expensive and sophisticated look and no one will ever suspect was so inexpensive and simple to create.

For this project you will need:

Tissue Paper-we used fall colors such as yellow, orange, red and green –torn into small pieces

Newspaper to cover the table (we used plastic place mats)
Tag Board, Poster Board or Card Stock cut into the shape of leaves (construction paper can also be used)

Vinegar and Water-mix equal parts of the vinegar and water together ahead of time. To have enough for my entire class I used 2 cups of water to 2 cups vinegar. No vinegar-no problem! This project will work with water only. The purpose of the vinegar it to help set the color.
Paint Brushes or Spray Bottles

To begin, cut out various leaf shapes from your tag board, poster board or construction paper.  If you’re children are older, they will have a great time cutting or even tearing their own shapes. For my class, the leaves were precut.  Put your leaf shapes on newspaper to help soak up the excess liquid for when you paint the leaf in the next step.

Next, have your children paint the water and vinegar solution onto their leaves.  We have also done it by using spray bottles filled with the water and vinegar solution to spray the leaves.

Once the leaves are damp, have the children place the pieces of tissue paper on top of the leaves. Before your eyes, and to the amazement of your kids, the colors will start to bleed from the tissue paper as if the leaves were being magically painted.  You can overlap the tissue paper for a more mixed up color look.  It really is an amazing affect and one that children will love-especially when you tell them ahead of time that if the say the secret words, their leaves will magically turn colors.

When the leaves are completely covered, coat the leaves with another layer of the vinegar and water solution.

Set aside to completely dry-this could take a few hours to overnight, depending on the weather and where you live

When the leaves are dry, peel off the tissue paper. What remains are fall leaves that are beautiful in color and instantly ready to be proudly displayed.

Don’t just stop with Fall leaves! After my students had gone through the process once with my supervision, I left the materials out and they created butterflies, pumpkins, apples-the list is endless!

This simple yet fun project is perfect for a Saturday afternoon at home with the family or at your next scout meeting when you discover it was your week to lead the art that day! We want to see what you’ve created.  Be sure to send us pictures so we can feature you in upcoming article. We want to see where your imagination took you today!

Are you a crafty person? Are you the go to person when it comes to easy to do projects with children? Did you find a fabulous idea that you’re dying to try out? Send it to me at and you may see yourself and your children featured on an upcoming edition of Kid’s Korner!

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