Sunday, February 9, 2014

Guest Author Sunday

Guest Author Sunday

Leanne Tomala

Guest Author Leanne Tomala is back to talk about her experiences in her quest to have dinner with Marty Sklar.  Be sure to stay tuned to the Disney Gals as our own Disney Gal 
Judy has been selected as one of the Media Correspondents covering the event in Chicago!

"The belief in a thing makes it happen."  - Frank Lloyd Wright.  I really like this quote.  It affirms what I have thought all along that sometimes wishing makes it so, especially since today is my birthday.  I am on a quest this year to have dinner with Marty Sklar.  I'm hoping he doesn't think that I am some kind of cyber-stalker.  I'm just a middle-aged woman who has loved Disney her entire life and would like to have a conversation with someone who was there with Walt Disney from the beginning.

The above excerpt was from my blog written on February 1, 2012.  I always thought that if you said things out-loud to the universe, the universe would respond, and it has!
Through my quest with the Disney Moms Panel for 2014, I was touched by so many people in the Disney blog-o-sphere and elsewhere.  Disney Gals, home to one of the new “Moms”, brought me into their fold as a guest blogger. for which I am grateful.  A recent post on Facebook by Disney Gals caught my attention: 

"Do you live in or near Chicago? Would you love to see a Disney Legend? Now is your chance, Marty Sklar is going to be at Museum of Science and Industry on Sunday, February 16!! Check out the information on this upcoming event!"

I live somewhat “near” to Chicago, in St. Louis, and can easily travel by Amtrak.  Here is my chance to meet Marty Sklar!  There will be no dinner involved, but a lecture and book signing are good enough for me and maybe a picture too!  Not wasting any time, I booked the train tickets and told my husband that we’re off to Chicago on February 16th.  My husband will be with my grandson looking at the trains, the submarine and the coal mine.  I’ll be in the lecture hall listening to Mr. Sklar and getting his autograph on my copy of his book, “Dream It, Do It.” 

Wishes do come true!  Sometimes you just have to wait a bit…  


  1. Wonderful opportunity! Have a magical experience !

  2. Awesome Leanne!! Can't wait to see the pics :) Say hi to Judy for me!