Saturday, February 8, 2014

Party Planning Roundup - Showing our #DisneySide

A number of us Gals were lucky enough to be chosen to show our #DisneySide with an @Home Celebration! As not to flood our site, and your inbox, with individual postings, we will be doing a few group updates. Please feel free to share our ideas and let us hear any of your own.

Disney Gal Lori:

Date:    February 28th - March 1st (It's a long party!)
Theme: Toy Story
Plans:    We will be celebrating with 55 kids from Anderson Elementary school on Friday and thousands on Saturday at the Chandler Ostrich parade. My son has made extra large monkeys for a Barrel of Monkeys game and we'll be making some adorable aliens with the kids. Then we'll hit the parade route and take our float to Infinity and Beyond!

Disney Gals Judy & Kelly:

Date:    February 22nd
Theme: Disney Cruise
Plans:    We will be sailing on the newest ship in the fleet, The Disney Side! Our guest will be mainly older teens and adults, but we will all be embracing our inner child. Starting with a Sail Away Party, eating at "Cabanas" buffet, having a pirate photo shoot with Captain Jack, and ending with a dessert buffet. In between we will have Cruise Line games and adult beverages in "O'Gill's Pub".

Disney Gal Gayle:

Date:    February 28, 2014
Theme: Disney Dance Party-Music from the Parks
Plans:   The unsuspecting cast of Madrone Players' upcoming production of "The Wizard of Oz", thinks they are coming to a special Friday rehearsal. But instead, they will walk into the rockiness of the craziest Disney Dance Parties of all time, complete with Disco Ball, fist pumping, and make you want to get up and show your #DisneySide music from the Parks. Led by our own Disney Performing Arts Conservatory member,  the cast will be treated to the wildest afternoon in the wilderness, complete with Disney dances, photo booths, Disney food and magical surprises galore as they prepare to embark on their journey over the rainbow the following week! Shhhhhhhhh-don't tell-it's a secret!

Next week we will catch you up on how the plans are coming along. Until are you showing your #DisneySide?


  1. When do the invites come out? I haven't received one yet. It looks like it's going to be a great time!

  2. Can't wait to hoist the anchor and set sail with Captain Jack.

  3. All so different...all so dazzling...all so very Disney! Great ideas, Gals. :)

    1. Thanks Lucinda! We all have different passions (all Disney of course) and it's fun to compare them with everyone else. We'll have more updates next week. Thanks for stopping by.

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