Saturday, May 24, 2014

Disney's Blizzard Beach by Tamela Hansen

     Disney's Blizzard Beach

     Summer is finally here and we are all ready for our summer vacation!  There is no better place to spend a family vacation then at Walt Disney World!
     It is true that the parks are quite full during the summer and quite warm but have you ever explored Disney water parks?  We love Disney's Water Parks!  Disney Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are awesome for those hot summer days.  They are perfect for everyone.  We have adventured both parks with small toddlers and even older ones with limited mobility.
     If you are staying at a Disney resorts you can take bus transportation to Blizzard Beach.   Blizzard Beach also offers locker rentals for holding your personal items.   Showers are available and towels rentals for the entire day.
     Blizzard Beach is one of the most unique water parks I have ever experienced.  Everyone in the family can enjoy Cross Country Creek.  Just grab a raft and float down a winding Creek through caves and surprises along the way.  Be careful of those leaky pipes and the sneezing Alligator!  The whole family will enjoy this so much you may ride for a little while leave get a bite to eat or ride another ride but I promise you'll be back during the day!
     Another one of our family favorites is the Toboggan Racers.  This two hundred and fifty foot water slide with three drops provides fun for the entire family.  Eight racers can line up beside one another with their mat and Ready, Set, and Go, race to the bottom! 
     We have also enjoyed Teamboat Springs since our children were very small.  This is the perfect family ride for all ages.  The chairlift can provide transportation to the top of the mountain for younger ones or ones with limited mobility.  This ride provides 1200 feet of twists and turns.  You're gonna get wet!

     Of course Disney always offers a few thrill rides!  If thrill rides are what you're looking for you might want to check out Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher and Runoff Rapids!  Be prepared to lose your stomach!
     Now for the little tots in the family, Blizzard Beach offers a special area just for you.  Tike's Peak offers miniature scales experiences of the rides at Blizzard Beach.  This also provides a nice place to relax and catch some rays for the older ones in the family.
     For the younger kids and tweens in the group Blizzard Beach has a special place just for you!  Ski Patrol Training Camp offers challenges such as zip-lines, walking on ice while using a net above to balance, and several awesome water slides.  Even if you do not have younger children this area is a must!  You have to watch the children faces as they go down the zip-line,  PRICELESS!
     Blizzard beach offers so many other adventures and experiences.  It will take an entire day to truly enjoy everything that Blizzard Beach has to offer.  While you are visiting the park don't forget to stop and have lunch and a special snack.  Try a pretzel dog with cheese, or a jumbo turkey leg and for dessert a Mickey bar, a Sand Pail or Mini Donuts.  You can purchase a refillable cup for your day and on those hot summers days you will be glad you did!  Then while soaking in some rays you can enjoy a nice cold draft beer or a special frozen cocktail!  Gotta love boat drinks!
     So if you're headed to Walt Disney World this summer and decide that you need a day to cool off then head over to Blizzard Beach.  You won't be disappointed, but you're going to GET WET!!!

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  1. This was the perfect place to be to escape the heat this past weekend!