Saturday, June 7, 2014

Be blown away at Typhoon Lagoon by Tamela Hansen

     As the summer warms up everybody wants to cool down on their Walt Disney World vacations!  The parks offer several areas with cooling mists and water rides, but my favorite thing to do in the summer is going to the water parks at Walt Disney World!  We love Typhoon Lagoon!
     Typhoon Lagoon offers so many fun activities for the entire family just like Blizzard Beach but with a different twist.  A typhoon hit Walt Disney World and left this awesome water park behind!  This is the only place you can swim in one of the largest wave pools, ride water slides, float down the lazy river, and swim with shark!  Yes, I said swim with sharks and Wow what an experience!                                                                                             For the Shark Reef experience, you may know how to swim, but I recommend grabbing a life vest to make the experience even more enjoyable.  Through this adventure you will find yourself in chilly and very deep water. To keep the fish from being spooked you can not kick your feet to swim.  You are only allowed to use your arms to guide you over stingray, tropical fish, and of course Shark!  Brace yourself they are real!
     Of course a family favorite is always Castaway Creek!  This lazy river will meander through misty rain forests, a hidden grotto, and a few more surprises along the way.  With leaves falling everywhere you get the feeling of floating down a creek back home!
     You have to go and ride Crush 'n' Gusher. This has the best variety of water slide roller coasters I've ever experienced.  You have three slide options Banana Blaster, Coconut Crusher, and Pineapple Plunger.  So to get the full experience you have to ride them all!
     Gangplank Falls is a must do for all families.  This is a ride we have done with our children since they were toddlers.  It is so much fun to slide down and get wet with the little ones. Now that my children are getting bigger I think it may be even more fun with teenagers.
     Humunga Kowabunga are three water slides that reach 30 miles per hour!  All three are identical and you can even race to the bottom.  To all girls "beware of the bathing suit"!  These are very exhilarating slides and just a complete blast!
     Of course you're at Walt Disney World so the toddlers are never left out. There is a very special place just for children ages 2 to 5 to enjoy their own water adventures. This area is called Ketchakiddee Creek and your toddlers will love it.
     Now, while walking around Typhoon Lagoon you may hear some roaring and crashing but no it's not dinosaurs it,s just a massive wave pool!  As one of the world's largest wave pools this pool holds 3 million gallons of water! When the roar of the waves come hold on tight, your either riding the wave or get knocked down!  Either way you're gonna love it!
     Typhoon Lagoon is a must do summer adventure at Walt Disney World!  It offers all the conveniences you need such as lockers, refillable cups, tasty food, souvenir stores, in case you forgot something, and a few surprises around every corner.
     The dining at Typhoon Lagoon does not disappoint!  Just like all of the Walt Disney World Resort the food is scrumpdiddlyumptious!  If you are on the Disney Dinning Plan you can always use it at the water parks.  Don't forget to stop and satisfy your sweet tooth with an ice cream pail or a Mickey bar and for the adults maybe a frozen cocktail or draft beer.  It's all part of the Disney experience!
     So if you're visiting the Walt Disney World Resort this summer make sure you put Typhoon Lagoon on your list of must do's!  You won't regret it, but you're Gonna Get Wet!

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  1. What a wonderful place and it really sounds like a great time was had by Tamela and family! We have actually never been to one of the Disney water parks, but maybe this next trip we will!