Saturday, June 14, 2014

Have you Conquered Disney Quest? by Tamela Hansen

     Yeah, it's summer and it's time for your Walt Disney World Resort vacation!  It's Orlando, Florida and it can get Hot and it can get Rainy but Walt Disney World offers many options for the entire family to have an amazing adventure every single day, no matter what the weather is!  I love the water parks but what about those rainy days?  Well, Disney offers several great activities to do.  I'm not a gamer at All but Disney Quest is awesome to me!
     Many people may walk past this big teal building with squiggly lines on it, at Downtown Disney, wondering what is that place!  Well give me a few moments and I will show you how your family can make special memories at Disney Quest.
     We have thoroughly enjoyed Disney quest with our toddlers and family members in their later years.  There are so many fun interactive games to play that include the entire group or family.  One of our favorites is Pirates of the Caribbean, Battle for Buccaneer Gold.  On this interactive game one person guides the ship as the rest use their cannons to destroy the pirate ships and gain the gold!  It is so fun because it is in 3-D and you feel like you are moving!  Pirate ships are attacking you from all directions and it really requires team effort. 
     Another one of our favorites is the Virtual Jungle Cruise.  This ride is based on the Jungle Cruise.  You will ride an inflatable raft down a prehistoric river and try to avoid volcanoes, cliffs, and dinosaurs.  Be careful you might get wet!
     On Cyber Space Mountain Bill Nye the Coaster guy will help you design your own roller coaster, then it is your turn to ride your coaster!  Make sure you don't miss Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride!  On this ride you're on a search to find the magic lamp and save the genie.   While wearing your 3-D headgear you can look at your friends to your right and left and see one another as monkeys! 
     Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters is a must do!  This ride is so much fun! One person drives and one person loads the asteroids. This is so funny because it requires so much team effort and you have to hit your opponent on the star to gain points and send their Astro Blaster into a spin!  Be careful because you may be the one spinning!  It's just so much fun I have enjoyed this with my kids for years and ones of all ages!  You will find yourself laughing so much it is hard to drive your Astro blaster or load your asteroids!
     My family has enjoyed Mighty Ducks pinball.  In this game you are a human pinball and you are slamming into walls and other pinballs.  Even if you are someone like myself that deals with mobility issue, watching your friends or family members participate in this game is an amazing experience!  The facial expressions they will make will keep you in stitches!
     My favorite thing to do while my hubby and sons play the vintage and newer video games is Animation Academy.  With various sessions through the day, an artist will come out and display in a big screen how you can draw your favorite Disney character.  You have a light pen and a computer screen for you to follow along as the artist gives you directions.  FYI Donald Duck is the easiest!
     Of course, as with the entire Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Quest dining is delightful.  They even offer cool comfortable seating with interactive games at your table.  Also, following Disney's rule of thumb there's a gift shop as you exit Disney Quest.  Everyone will want to pick up some small memorabilia from the special memories that you have made!  Ya Gotta Love Gift Shops!
     So this summer when you're at the Walt Disney World Resort and maybe it's a little to hot or too rainy or you want to take it a little bit easier.  Don't forget to check out that big building with the squiggly lines at Downtown Disney you won't regret Disney Quest!  It may just become your newest must do!



  1. You are never too old for Disney Quest!

  2. So true Gayle! I think some think it's just for gamers though. I hope I explained how everyone can enjoy Disney Quest!