Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gearing Up to "Meet the Mouse" - plans, schedules and riddles

Disney has made it easy for all of us with the My Disney Experience app right on your mobile device!  I can't wait to use it when I am there.  However, we are still the type of family that needs a paper copy just in case.  I mean what if my phone falls out of my backpack while riding the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster?  Or perhaps a giraffe extends his long neck into my Kilimanjaro safari vehicle and nabs my iphone?  What's a gal  to do?  So we create a paper copy schedule to bring along with us just in case!  If your kids like to follow a schedule as mine do, bring your favorite Disney magnet and just put a copy of the agenda on the mini fridge.  That way your crew will know what each daily plan is!
Here is a copy of part of our schedule from a past trip as I wouldn't want any party crashers for our upcoming trip!  Each park is color coded and for the kids- easy to read!  Our new one for our upcoming trip also has our fast pass attractions and time frames.  But this doesn't seem to be enough does it? So we created GTravel Must Do's for each park.  These are lists of things we have all agreed that we want to do while we are there.  That way your kiddos can cross of stuff and not panic when they realize you just can't do it all in just one day! (would be fun to try though - Huh?)

Keep in mind these are just the personal notes we use as a family with our Must Do's - every family is different.  On our charts I put places that we  have a "FS" full service dining reservation.  I also added "QS" for quick service places where I have already checked the menu and it will satisfy my picky eaters.  The "SS" stands for where our Disney loving Nana can get her daily soft serve!  See every family have different Disney needs - Nana's just happens to be soft serve!

While we are at Disney I leave a clue card by the door for my kids for when they wake up.  Here are a few examples of the ones I have made for our upcoming trip!

                 This should have been first but hey I'm new to this - Nana is coming with us!

My favorite - who doesn't love the all you can eat buffet?

For those who wonder where I have the time to do all this - I do work full time I swear!  We only travel to Walt Disney World every two years - sniff! sniff!  We save together and then plan together.  I may go a bit overboard I admit but I want to make sure my family has the trip of a lifetime!

As I end this series on "Gearing Up to Meet the Mouse"  I notice this as I unplug my prehistoric computer!  See... the magic of Disney is everywhere!

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