Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gearing Up to "Meet the Mouse" - What kids should pack?

This should be titled "Walter's First Trip".  Remember Walter that new fun loving, Kermit admiring man or muppet?  Well Walter will be joining our family for his first trip to Disney World!  Here is what my son (and Walter) have  packed for their trip! 

1. An animal magazine to brush up on all those creatures they will see at Animal Kingdom!
2. A book - even better a diary type book to read and write in
3.  Disney uno cards for the airport, room, or poolside- draw four!
4.  An autograph book and Disney pen - we got before hand so we are ready for anyone we meet!
5. A blank notebook (we take to the restaurants because" kids eat really fast and parents eat really 
6. A wallet - with hard earned Disney cash and gift cards!
(not shown- swim goggles, diving sticks, a small football, a portable ds, a Disney pin lanyard,  one lime green magic band, gum and snacks, )
Looks like Walter is ready for Take OFF!

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