Monday, July 7, 2014

Gearing Up to "Meet the Mouse"- The Countdown Begins!

For those planning a trip to Walt Disney World, 180 is a magical milestone number.  At that time you can book all your dining reservations and who doesn't think about food on their vacation?  Mmmm, can smell those MICKEY waffles already.  But, to your young ones at home 180 days will seem like forever.   Keep a countdown in your house so your little ones can see the number going down and their excitement levels will be going up!  We have a "countdown in the kitchen" where we take turns changing the number.  You can highlight certain days like: 100 days (kids just happen to love that number) and 60 (fast pass selections - pick your favorites kids) and as the number gets smaller they will realize their magical vacation is near!  My son has a countdown app on his kindle device and our family phones have the countdown to the minute! 


  1. Cannot wait to see their reactions!

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