Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Bite Takes You Home? #TheHundredFootJourney Our Family Favorites

Next week, audiences across the country will be treated to a culinary delight whenThe Hundred-Foot Journey” comes to life on the silver screen and touches our hearts, souls and stirs our appetites in more ways than one. In DreamWorks Pictures’ “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” the opening of a new Indian restaurant in the south of France next to a famous Michelin-starred eatery is nearly cause for a heated battle between the two establishments, until Le Saule Pleureur’s icy proprietress, Madame Mallory, recognizes her rival’s undeniable brilliance for preparing masterful meals. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey” abounds with flavors that burst across the tongue. A stimulating triumph over exile, blossoming with passion and heart, it is a portrayal of two worlds colliding and one young man’s drive to find the comfort of home, in every pot, wherever he may be.   And like any great meal that leaves you thinking about your next perfect bite, what is that perfect bite, that perfect meal that says home to you?

Yesterday I shared that growing up, my favorite part of school was lunch. It wasn’t because it meant that we were free to play and the rigors of class were left behind, at least for 45 minutes, but because lunchtime meant going to grandma’s house where I would find a heaping bowl of macaroni (it wasn’t called pasta back then) smothered in butter with of course all of the gumdrops I could smuggle out of the candy jar on my way back to school.  I’m not sure if it was the meal or the fact that I was spending time with her, but to this day macaroni and butter is my go to meal when I’m in need of comfort. When I posed this question to my own family, the answer I unanimously received from all of them was my homemade lasagna and so today’s challenge will be to try to recreate that family favorite here for you.  To check out how to make our family lasagna dish, just Click Here.  Today  our Disney Gal Team will be bringing you some of their favorite foods that say home to them with just one bite.  Be sure to be checking throughout the day to see if any of ours are the bite that brings you home too. 

In the meantime, don’t forget DreamWorks Pictures’ “The Hundred-Foot Journey,”opens in theaters everywhere August 8.

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  1. This movie looks so unique- I am definitely going ! Also how cool is it that you were able to walk home for lunch every day??? That is awesome... And I fact that you swiped from the candy jar in the way back warms my heart!!! Ha ha!!

  2. I actually walked to my Grandma's house several times a week for lunch. I was so blessed that the last few years of her life, she moved within a few blocks of us. The movie was so moving and so overwhelming. It really gave me "food for thought" about life and all it is.