Saturday, July 12, 2014

YEHAA BOB is a HOOT!!! By Tamela Hansen

     Nestled between the foyer and Boatwright's at Port Orleans Riverside Resort is a quiet lounge.  River Roost Lounge is a quiet place to talk and have a drink until Wednesday night rolls around!  From Wednesday to Saturday you can find Yehaa Bob rock'n his wacky piano and singing songs we all know.
     We love this resort but I think the biggest reason is because Yehaa Bob is a Hoot!  Bob will have you singing-a-long to your favorite song, doing the Hand Jive, laying in the floor kicking your feet in the air, running around the room and a lot more shout'n and hoot'n!  Bob knows how to help everyone get out of there comfort zone and ready to show your DisneySide!
     River Roost is a great place to meet up with friends and family specially when Yehaa Bob is in the house!  He provides entertainment for all ages.  We have made Bob a "must do" for every Walt Disney World trip for the last 7 years.  When our family arrives Yehaa Bob knows Alabama is IN THE HOUSE!
     Bob knows how to take our favorite Disney songs and add his own Wacky twist to them!  We also love the good ole sing-a-long piano songs Bob's way!  Bob also sells CD's of his fun loving shows and his amazing piano music.  We have enjoyed his CD's.  They make wonderful conversation pieces for background party music.  Yehaa Bob is not only an entertainer he is a spectacular pianist.
     So if you are interested in laughing, singing, and even beating your chest like Tarzan get over to the Port Orleans Riverside or where ever he is playing on Disney property. He keeps a calendar on the internet so you can find him almost any day of the week.  Don't be surprised when you find yourself front and center performing with Bob!  So when he takes his hat off and asks "How's my Hair" you will be ready to say "What hair Bob"! 
     Schedule Yehaa Bob in for your next Walt Disney World vacation.  I know it will become a family "must do" for your family also!  Just don't forget to show your DISNEYSIDE!!!!

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