Saturday, August 23, 2014

Disney Writers Unite To Change Lives #GiveKidsTheWorld #TagYoureIt

We Are Teaming Up To Change Lives
Disney Writers United Ice Bucket Challenge
Give Kids The World

Among the various blogging communities there are many groups of dedicated and talented writers that willingly and generously share their time and knowledge to help bring their passions to life.  From crafting to travel to movies to families, these talented writers have opened up their hearts to share with others something that is a part of themselves.  But there is one group that takes this passion to a place where wishes are born and dreams can and do come true with not only the way they so generously give of themselves in their writings and knowledge, but the way they unselfishly give of themselves going above and beyond to help others in times of need. These are The Disney Writers United. To the world, they are the passionate and learned connoisseurs of Disney. It’s that unique belief in the magic, the ability to, as Walt Disney put it, “….believe in a thing all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”  

This year the members of The Disney Gals and The Adult Side of Disney have joined together with the hope of uniting fellow Disney writers to give something unique back to the community. As Disney enthusiasts we want to spread our own special brand of pixie dust to those who need it most − critically ill children who wish to visit Central Florida’s theme parks.  We are putting forth a challenge to all of our fellow Disney Writers to unite in supporting a cause that is near and dear to each one of us- Give Kids The World.

Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization near Orlando that opened in 1989. Give Kids The World Village is a 70-acre, nonprofit “storybook” Village located near Central Florida’s most beloved attractions. Here, children and their families are treated to a weeklong, cost-free fantasy vacation, complete with accommodations in the Village’s whimsical villas, specialized transportation to the theme parks, attraction tickets, and much more. The resort is designed specifically for families with critically and terminally ill children with special healthcare needs that can't be fulfilled in the normal resort park environment.  The Disney Writers United along with the faculty and staff of Madrone Elementary School in Santa Rosa, CA want the world to know that we are Connected, Committed and Care about the magical families at Give Kids the World. The most magical sound in the world is that of a child’s laughter and that is what fills the air at Give Kids The World Village. 

At the Village, these precious children learn that dreams really do come true, as they and their families are immersed in joy, hope, and non-stop fun for a few unforgettably happy days. Since 1986, the Village has welcomed more than 120,000 families from all 50 states and more than 70 countries. This extraordinary, life-changing experience is Give Kids The World’s gift, made possible only through the generosity of dedicated corporations and countless individuals.

If every writer were to give just $5, think of all the dreams that could and will come true.  Please help us support Give Kids The World.  Special thanks to the teachers, staff and parents of Madrone Elementary School for helping to kick off this The Disney Writers United Ice Bucket Challenge today.  Now it’s up to you-whether you stage your own Ice Bucket Challenge, find one of the many other creative ways to come together, or take a moment to visit our fundraising page at Give Kids The World Disney Writers United, think of the difference we could make in the lives of each of these families.  When you’re done, be sure to tag your friends in your video or post and ask them to help you take up this call to action.  Lastly be sure to leave in the comments below a link to your video or post, or let us know that you have joined in with The Disney Gals and The Adult Side of Disney to help make dreams come true. All comments will be entered to win a Disney Gift Basket Assortment full of prizes for young and old alike as well as a $25 Disney Gift Card. Winners will be picked by random number generator on September 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm EST.  Help make dreams come true and show the world what the power of faith, trust and pixie dust is all about. Believe in the Possibilities.....Live Your Dreams!

The Following Disney Writers United Have Accepted the Challenge to Support Give Kids The World and are working with us to Change Lives-One Bucket of Ice Water at a Time!

Gayle Turner                  Disney Gals
Janice Brady                  Adult Side Of Disney
Dawn Gosdin                  Dawns Dorky Diary
Lottie Ferguson              Crunchy Disney Ma
Jill Whitley                    About Jill Happily Ever Awesome
Cheryl Giardi                  Disney Gals
Suzanne Rudge                MapleMouseMama
Kuleen Lashley                The Disney Kids
Courtney Faith Vera        FaveMom
Jindy Lou-Who                Flowers Croon
Amy Kovacs Leto             Pixie Dust Delivery Service
Didi Marie                       DisTherapy
Deb Silhan                      Focused On The Magic


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    1. Thanks for being a part of making dreams come true with #GiveKidsTheWorld and being such an integral part of our Madrone School Community

  2. Awesome Job Madrone community!

    1. With dedicated places like the Madrone Elementary School Community teamed with Disney Writers United, it's a Win/Win for #GiveKidsTheWorld!

  3. Dream Big! #givekidstheworld
    --Brady W

    1. Always Dream Big! #BelieveInThePossibilities!

  4. #givekidstheworld is an amazing charity! They really do make dreams come true!
    Geri L

    1. Is there anything better than granting the wishes of children and their families and showing them that they are in all of our thoughts and prayers? #Believe

  5. I am honored to know such amazing people as these Disney Writers. Gayle you are something special my friend <3 Thank you for including me in this awesome challenge!

  6. Thanks so much for organizing this challenge and including me in it! GKTW is an amazing organization!!